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Posted by Randall (USA) on 07/27/2010

Dear Ted, I am still fighting Interstitial Cystitis, and this week, will be starting a treatment regimen from Calcutta, India. There is a very kind doctor who is the personal physician to the Governor of West Bengal. Through natural medicine, he has come up with a cure (yes, cure) for bladder cancer. Little white pillules which are like 96% ethanol, carry the herbal extracts directly to the brain, to the hypothalmus. There, they kickstart the hypothalmus which is in charge of one's immune system, to correct imbalances/disease in the body.

Bladder cancer is slow growing, and the poor working in the fields just tolerate it, for years. But when they can no longer walk, some are carried into his clinic, and in time, are completely cured. Of course, to make this claim, in the United States, or Australia, and other places, you would be placed in jail.

Since alcohol goes directly to the brain, the ethanol just acts as a transport. Since his work is jurisdictional to the bladder, he has great confidence that he can also improve or cure my condition.

The medicine is very inexpensive, and he treats people all over the world. He is not making money on this, and I have a friend from Australia who attests to his work, since this friend has gone back and forth from Australia to Calucutta to study his work for 9 years, and now prescribes treatments also.

I am sending you the link to the Doctor's site in India, because I know that you have always helped a great many people, and may wish to share this with others. The site states other diseases/illnesses that they can treat also.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Randall:

In any case I treat bladder cancer very differently using MSM, tannic acid, BHT, lysine, glutamine, and threonine. This method allows the white blood cells to see the cancer cells and then start eating them out. It takes about three days on the average to deal with most of this cancer, it is caused by a virus, that's why they respond to lysine and other antiviral supplements. The most powerful anticancer supplements I have found seems to be lysine, bloodroot tincture, tannic acid and glutamine. The key to getting it successful is the hourly dose, which stresses treatment of this sort to be hourly for 4 hours, and ideally twice a day. In any case in U.S. we use DMSO as a method of treatment for interstitial cystitis injected directly to the bladder.

I will have a look at your links, thanks.


Replied by Socrmom0409
Tulsa, Ok

In reference to Ted's post on Bladder cancer, how much do you take of each item (MSM, tannic acid, BHT, lysine, glutamine, and threonine) and has anyone had experience with anyone with bladder cancer?

Replied by Susan
Herndon, Va

There has been a lot of mention about soursop for treating cancer. Do you have any knowledge or stories to share about that?
Also, regarding the amounts/routine (for MSM, bht, tannic acid, lysine, etc) you would use for treating bladder cancer~that would be of interest too. Thanks for all the great info you make available.

Replied by Barbara
Lakeland, Florida

Where would one to go to in the US to have DSMO injected directly into the bladder to stop Institial Cysitis (IC)? I live in Lakeland, FL.

Replied by Barbara
Lakeland, Florida

Please give the protocol for the MSM, tannic acid, bht. Lysine, glutomine and threonine for bladder cancer.

Replied by Mark
Scottsville, Ky
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Barbara, ask your local doc if (s)he will administer DMSO. But before going radical I would venture you consider a small oral dose accompanied by a warm cloth mix of water/DMSO for about an hr daily directly over your bladder area. If you are concerned about body odor, begin with small doses. Also consider magnet therapy as it is good for about everything.

Good luck.

Replied by Jacinto
San Cristobal, S. C., Dominican Republic

Hi Ted:

I was reading "Ted's remedies" for cancer and would like to know how to use and where to find these products you mention in your article: Azoxystrobin and bloodroot. I have three relatives with cancer: Oral cancer, liver cancer and bladder cancer, with possible metastasis each one. Thanks very much for your help.

God bless with peace...


Replied by Aroon

Hi there, my husband has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer. I read Ted's post that he has a method that can help cure such disease. I am desperately looking for alternative medicine. Thanks.

Replied by Bob

This message is directed at Ted from Bangkok. Can you provide instructions on amount and application of MSM, tannic acid, BHT, lysine, glutamine and threonine for each hourly dose?

Replied by Dwivedi

Dear Ted,

Just read of your 3 day prescription offering an alternative therapy for bladder cancer. would like to get the details for it and how to go about administering the same.

I am a fit 80 yr old man due for extensive surgery in about ten days or so.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Bladder is the most tricky to treat of all cancers I treated. But basically you have to drink a lot of water, especially during meals and after meals, to get urinary sugar down by dilution of urine sugar. As well as no wheat that is found in roti common in Indian diets. You can lower the sugar with lysine and DHEA and gymnema. Zinc edta (not chelated zinc) is the most bioavailable zinc. And take plenty of brewers yeast powder for cancer to apotosis for leader cancer cells which account for 5% of cancer cells and the reason why cancer is immortal. The other 95% percent can be converted to normal cells with dmso and aloe vera oil. You cannot have zinc deficiencies and almonds are preferred but not too much. Ted

Replied by Imad

Hi Ted,

I was reading your posts from several years ago and see a few different recommendations on how to deal with bladder cancer. Is there one effective treatment that you could recommend. Also dosages, brands, and what are the most reputable supplements. I’m desperate to find a cure.