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Sabah Snake Grass for Cancer

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/05/2011

Hello Ted, I've been reading your posts on Earth Clinic and came across your recomendation of Sabah Snake Grass for cancer. May I know more on your experience with this herb, what condition is most suitable, how it should be taken and if there is any side effect. My father's house is overgrown with this herb and it'll be good if we can give it away to help someone.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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08/05/11 Ted responds, "Herbs seem to work best if mixed with lysine or somehow lysine is taken first, but alone they don't work that consistently. I usually used them 1/2 teaspoon of powdered sabah snake grass (or Stonebreaker or Phyllanthuis niruri) twice to three times a day. The issue is the lysine is given hourly for four doses, morning and evening for at least 3 days, and sabah snake grass if given in powder form (I don't believe in tincture) act as a timed release, therefore is taken 3 times or 4 times, not as frequently as lysine. It is actually used locally as a cure for herpes simplex virus, topical cream extract, but all antiviral herbs, is effective against cancer that are also viral caused, it is characterized generally as metastatic, but on another hand most cancer grows very quick if you take fructose, so I would want to avoid any drinks with fructose, but also sugar, and carbohydrates in general. It should be noted that cancer responds to anti viral herbs of any kind and any sugar reducing effects of any herbs. Many local herbs exists that lowers the blood sugar, but unfortunately everyone here is keeping it a secret, but most herbs that reduces fever actually do that by reducing the blood sugar. So if you know it reduces fever, there is good chance it reduces blood glucose. It generally takes 3 days of any supplement to take effect, lysine and sabah snake grass, for example. That means during the first 2 days, you will experience chills and it gets better on the third day. Most Asian cancer, I observed are viral in nature, which is responsible for highest Hepatitis B in the world, but there are many unidentified virus found in vaccines that causes cancer as a contaminant, such as Simian virus, etc. There is some claims in internet that Sabah snake grass cures cancer, and there are well posted of the cures, but I cannot substantiate it, as I found you need at least 3 things to cause a cancer cure, 1) get blood sugar under control, 2) you need lysine for sure and it is taken hourly is the secret 3) any herbs, sabah snake grass, andrographis paniculata, etc. works best with lysine.

It helps if some kind of green tea is added especially green tea extract, as they contain tannic acid and tannins and they denature the proteins in the cancer. You can look at sabah snake grass, and they give their own recipes. I don't usually heat the leaves and I used powdered form, it varies, but the usual dose is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon. I mention this as they are easy to find for most people.

The sabah snake grass is most suitable for virus like causes, other slow growing virus don't work as well. Those may be fungal cause, and there is heavy metal cause, chemical cause, stem cells (yes stem cells causes cancer too), internal bruises or cuts, and other causes. Chemical cause and metal detox I think thunbergia and milk thistle work better, as they detox the liver. Metals cause, then you need metal chelators, chlorella and EDTA. Cancer is generalized as happens to be cancer when they are malignant, if not they are benign. So obviously this herb won't work for all cancer. What works for all cancer is sugar control not above 90 mg/dL, but for cancer to begin recovery needs 100 mg/dL and especially avoid fructose. A coupe of exception to this rule is green apple, carrots and bitter melons, and the reason is: it reduces sugar, in spite of the fact that some carrots juice are sweet, but it most be freshly squeezed.

To cause a tumor to go into regression or to dissolve the hard tumor, is what most "alternative healers" are really stuck. They think it's CoQ10, or Quercetin, or Alpha Lipoic acid, or Selenium. But these more to give energy of recovery from cancer when they are weak rather then dissolving the hard tumor. Maybe they do dissolve it but its really slow, between 2 to 6 months perhaps, but I think bromelain works the best (mine is 10% bromelain) so it is stronger then commercials ones as I prepared them myself, the 90% is glycine, it allows bromelain from clumping together. Others used silicon dioxide. Glycine by the way slows tumor growth also, but is always taken with the lysine. Most people who see me is stage 3 or stage 4.

I rarely mentioned CoQ10 because they always add some oils in these supplements that grow cancer (soybean oil, corn oil, etc.) the best oil to be mixed is coconut oil, but they don't do it. Hard tumors (mostly) is fibrosis, and can be handled with taking Lugol's iodine. There is some consolation of CoQ10, the oils added is small so it has minimal effect on tumor growth.


08/05/11 Anonymous replies, "Dear Ted,
Thank you for your prompt reply and all the advices. I really appreciate it coz currently there are 3 friends/family of friends suffering from cancer (at different stages).

You mentioned that Sabah Snake Grass only works if the cancer is viral caused, but how do we know what is the cause of the cancer?
Also, I read that you recommend Lysine to be taken hourly for 4 hours in the morning and repeat in the evening, and the Sabah Snake Grass is taken in 3-4 doses - so does that mean SSG is taken in 3-4 divided doses throughout the day or must be taken at the same time as Lysine?"

08/05/11 Ted responds, "You mentioned that Sabah Snake Grass only works if the cancer is viral caused, but how do we know what is the cause of the cancer?
It's simple, if it works it's viral. So if taken it works and the person responds to it, we can surmised it was viral.
Should be taken at least 1/2 teaspoon three times a day. But 1 teaspoon x 3 or 4 is the therapeutic dose the minimum is in case person have difficult taking it for different reasons, e.g. tube fed, etc.

Also, I read that you recommend Lysine to be taken hourly for 4 hours in the morning and repeat in the evening, and the Sabah Snake Grass is taken in 3-4 doses - so does that mean SSG is taken in 3-4 divided doses throughout the day or must be taken at the same time as Lysine?
Any herbs works best with lysine, I must be taken with lysine otherwise the outcome of herbs supplements will sometimes works, and that is not something we like, we like it to work every time. I am trying to minimized supplements to save cost. The other is lime juice with baking soda, vary baking soda that will tastes good (squeeze hard on the peel because it's d limonene and is anti cancer) and very easy to find.


08/05/11 Anonymous replies, "Dear Ted,
Thank you very much for your clarifications.

With regards to lime + baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate), is sodium recommended for cancer?
I'm a bit confuse on this because you also mentioned using Potassium Bicarbonate/Carbonate in one of the posts.

I understand the importance of keeping the blood sugar below 100mg/ml 1 hour after meal. Is there any immediate ("1st aid") remedy if the patient finds that
his/her sugar level is beyond that?"

08/05/11 Ted responds, "There are many herbs that can do that, unfortunately it reduces sugar temporary, then it stops working after 10 days, because of that I won't mention it. This seems to be the pattern, including the metformin and goat's rue. Long term wise glycine (except in prostate cancer), lysine, does get the sugar down. If I have a herb I might use, then it's chaparral, that has blood sugar lowering effects, that's why they are so popularly used in cancer therapy. I don't know yet how long blood sugar lowering effects it will have, but my tests are that its effects is longer then 10 days for sure.

There is another one that reduces sugar by getting the excess urine out (and sugar goes too), which is urea added to drinking water and gets rid of it by its diuretic actions, the same is true for white tea, white tea extract for example. The green tea extract and tannic acid does it differently it denatures the protein circulating the the body that reduces sugar reactivity toward them, (while it does not effect sugar) it does prevent damage associated with them cancer. The same is also true for most diuretic drugs, and herbs, so part of its "effects" against cancer has to do with its lowering of sugar, by insulin sensitivity, diuretic actions, and other unknown means (caloric increase, thereby reducing blood glucose) and ability to reduce pancreatis. Most pancreatitis I seen is virus infecting the pancreas. This is really easy to resolve in a few days with hourly dose of lysine for four hours in morning and evening, you do that till day three. You actually improve on day 1 (after the third dose, morning), but the three days is to prevent reinfection and mostly pancreatitis into "remission". As for insulin stimulation, I wouldn't touch that, it makes for destruction if insulin insensitivity and worsens your own body to control sugar. Much of the problem has always been the ribose, fructose (found in Sprite), glucose and sucrose in that order. Now the problem with "glycemic index" is that the ribose, fructose, glucose it doesn't distinguish the differences. That makes a person using the glycemic index to think fructose and other sugar the same, except for complex carbohydrate. And there is one warning I might make, B1 thiamine I will take it just once a week for 50 mg even though it has blood sugar lowering effects, too much of it causes cancer, and I seen my cases of that. B3 there's no limit on taking that, but it has the ability to induce sleep if taken too much. So in short term for cancer chapparal, B3, vitamin C, chromium, lysine, white tea, and tannic acid, for different effects it has on sugar.


08/05/11 Anonymous replies, "Sorry, just another question, does SSG works for Hepatitis B or C too? What's your experience in using this herb for these viral infections?"

08/05/11 Ted responds, "I can't say because there is not enough cases to conclude that. Since a lot of people were trying many herbs all at once. You just needed them to try one, but they were in a hurry.


08/05/11 Anonymous replies, "I agree, most people are trying everything with doubts. Hence, they do everything at the same time!
By the way, can we contact you if we need any of the remedies recommended? Not sure where to get Lysine on it's own coz they are mostly formulated with other ingredients. As for HCL, is BP grade ok?

A friend actually tried SSG a couple of months back and felt that her tumor was less pressing on her back but ended up having edema and unable to urinate. Could this be due to Cachexia CA that you mentioned in other posts? She's very worried. She refuses chemo, so the doctors are only treating her symptomatically. The doctors suspect (did not scan) she could be having kidney stones or that her CA has metastasized to her bladder/kidney."

08/05/11 Ted resonds, "The stonebreaker is a common remedy used for treating stones, the other is d-limonene found in lemon juice, or d-limonene alone. The citric acid (in lemon and lime) also reduces some stones, although I mixed with baking soda. I prefer the lime juice or the d-limonene. For edema, always take lysine say 1/2 teaspoon to citrulline (which is converted to arginine) 1/8 teaspoon. Astralagus is one remedy I frequently used for edema (1000 mg) three times a day. Yes you can contact me for the remedies, of various things. Lysine B.P. grade is fine.

She should eat less proteins and clear of kidneys of other stones. My idea is similar to Edgar Cayce, in this case cancer are formed from calcium oxalates, for example that causes and injury, it is these injury and other factors that bring into play. So she did have the stones before. I can actually proved this contention. In the 1970s, Switzerland there were people treated with EDTA from lead poisoning of houses along the highway., in 1961 and in 1976 about 15 years later, there was a 90% reduction in cancer. It is surmissed on two points that lead was responsible or that calcium deposition was reduced, that's why EDTA worked.

Kidney area can be accessible also be applying DMSO with aloe vera oil (resolves inflammation) apply to the back as it lessens the pain but it won't dissolve to stones it will resolve cancer somewhat as DMSO is known for converting cancer cells to normal cells (almost) the only thing it leaves is the inflammation which it resolves by aloe vera oil.

One fact very important is a kidney is like a filtering machines, and over time it gets clogged. The common ones are calcium and proteins, but some also have uric acid, and phosphates. The idea is simple you clear these things. How I do it is simple. Calcium, I used EDTA (tetrasodium EDTA) or if unavailable, the lower quality one is the disodium EDTA. For protein I used, bromelain enzymes, it's both cheap and effective, more effective then papaya enzyme called papain, taken as many times a day as possible. For phosphate there is phosphate binds used by most doctors but I used Milk of magnesia to take internally as a SECONDARY kidney. I used the intestines as the back up kidney by inducing diarrhea to bind all the phosphates out through the intestines. Uric acid is simple one, I used allopurinol 100 mg three times or two times a day. One thing unusual about this is it gets rid of the unexplained leg pain despite uric acid being normal. The reason why is simple, uric acid distribution is not the same, it is mostly concentrated around the legs and kidney area. There is one more thing, urea. The urea I used as a diuretic and it does increase the BUN in blood test, but recent research found that urea is helpful despite high BUN, since it aids in normal kidney functions. You can check the research yourself. The common supplements traditionally used is astralagus and cordyceps together in Chinese remedy. And you have your "Western approach" which is to go to dialysis machine or surgery removal of kidneys (perhaps). So you have three choices, my approach, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), or Western approach to choose from.


08/14/11 Anonymous replies, "Hello Ted,
According to TCM, SSG is very "cooling" for the body and not advisable to simply take them. How should we counter this? Is adding ginger to the diet of cancer patient advisable?
May I know if you have any experience in treating Endometriosis?"

08/14/11 Ted responds, "Yes, I have one it used green tea extract (ECGC) and lysine is I think the most important one. The bleeding and incidence stopped I think from the two things, although I used more, but that was the main thing. They respond to typical cancer treatment even though it not cancer, for which ECGC and lysine stood out. The green tea extract was 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon, twice a day at least and lysine was 4 times a day at 1/2 teaspoon. Since the patient wasn't serious and it stopped the bleeding in 4 days, there was no followup checkup and there was no event after that. It's not much of my experience since the patient thought nothing to it, and the patient continued with the treatment, and changed the diet, mostly avoiding artificial sugar and sugar in general. I think there was too fast but did have examined that there was remissions. There are other things used in treatment that helped, but not important but EDTA in case there was blood clots, during menstruation, selenium 400 mcg a day, and B3 500 mg in evening. The blood glucose was high, I don't remember, but I think that was what caused it so I used that, as well as sabah snake grass. Since it is only one incidence, I cannot generalized much and I prefer more evidence that there was some form of improvement by their doctors, but they never checked up and she offered no document that it was in fact what she says it is.

Of course ginger can be added, as to sabah snake grass, yes is given to cancer patients too, so I don't understand why TCM don't recommended it, also lemon oil, lemon, baking soda (which is cooling) as also used in cancer treatment, So whatever theories TCM is against anything cooling, I also used both heat (ginger) and cool (sabah) if he says so. But what I can say is cayenne pepper is never to be used in that area, even though it is also not a cooling herbs, as they cause inflammation.


Replied by Vince

Dear Ted, I am from singapore and just get to know you site, good work and believe are appreciated. You mentioned Sabah snake grass in powder form, can you kindly advise:

Where can I get this herb in powder form or is ther any site you know that sell this powder on line? Is SSG suitable for stomach/gastric cancer patient?

Do you know any effective natural cure for stomach cancer?

Kindly advise. Thanks, Vince

Replied by Vern
Davenport, Iowa

Does anyone have the amounts and protocol for Ted's 3 day bladder cancer cure?

msm, tannic acid, bht, lysine, gluttimine and threonine. or tell me where I may find it?

Thanks, Vern