Activity Vs Sedentary for Back Pain

Posted by MV (Anon) on 10/26/2012

Sir I have 2 types of job options-1)DESK JOB (requires continuous 6-8 hrs sitting) 2) MERCHANT NAVY (requires much physical strength). ->description of merchant navy job- *1yr institute course with physical training (include simple running+ swimming+ rope climbing+ push ups+ jumping etc etc) & *18months on job training (includes works on merchant navy ships like rope pulling painting etc etc u know better). MY CURRENT CONDITION-:NO PAIN AT ALL RIGHT NOW, but when my lifestyle becomes a bit sedentary (least active/staying at home etc) little or minute pain comes in my lower back for a short time (4-6 hrs) i.e it is not fully cured, else everything is fine. so should i opt for merchant navy or should i opt a continuous sitting job (AS SITTING IS THE MOST RISKY POSITION WITH LOWER BACK PROBLEM), on other hand in MERCHANT NAVY JOB i have the risk of sudden jerk/pressure/strain in my back... so pls sir advice me the best. thanku sir waiting for rply.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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OK much of the problem is due to an unknown anaerobic bacteria, I suspect its an anaerobic bacteria that belongs in the cornyebacterium, and can be easily killed with sound using frequencies I enclosed. A sound frequency played for 3 times a day is enclosed. Play with any wave player, loud sound, and play it to your back. It will relieved your pain in about 5 minutes. It should be done often enough it but need not be played for long, it should eliminate the pain and may heal once the bacterium is out of the way.

The second is to take hyaluronic acid dissolved in 500 cc of water, 10 grams of sea salt and 0.5 grams of hyaluronic acid. It takes a couple of hours to dissolve. Take 3 capfuls three times a day in a cup of water, it generally takes 2 to 4 of this bottle to help with the back bone.

If possible take some magnesium citrate and try to eat some meats, preferably steamed or boiled, the urea from the end product metabolism of protein will help heal it, as well as aloe vera oil 10 drops a day.

The .wav file is enclosed. Ideally the sound speaker should be as close to the back as possible.


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I can not open the sound track. Is there another link? Please advise.