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Stress and Back Pain

Posted by J (Anon) on 10/29/2012

Hello Ted, I have been seeing a physio who thinks my back pain is due to stress can you suggest anything? It seems to start more in my neck then the pain is in my right upper back shoulder. I have also tried acupuncture.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jayne, The cause of back pain is anaerobic bacteria, specifically corynebacterium, and you can get relief with hyaluronic acid 0.5 gram and 10 grams of sea salt in 500 cc of water. Take 2 caps 3 times a day. You should see relief in the first dose to one week, but if not there are other treatments.

It's not likely it is, but DHEA 12 mg., and B3 500 mg are the common ones I use to relieve stress, it also helps with back pain (as DHEA and B3 have certain antibacterial and antifungal properties). If B3 is taken often, DHEA may need to be taken much more, but women somehow require less DHEA. Stress causes a rise in blood glucose levels, and bacteria feeds on that sugar, as well as other organisms. So stress may cause it but not in the way you imagine it to be.


Replied by Lindal
Palm Springs, Ca, Usa

you say, "take 2 caps 3 times a day"; what is a cap?? caps weren't mentioned; only grams and cc's. thanks.

Replied by Sharon
Apison, Tn

I have a high level of b6. What does this mean and how should it be taken care of? It's at 306.