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Why Do I Develop Anemia?

Posted by Linda (Pretoria, South Africa) on 02/05/2007

Question for Ted please: Dear Ted, thank you for all your help and advice and valuable information on a previous question I asked (regarding fluoride). About two years ago my cat had a fungus growing on his skin. About a month later I developed itchy sores which looked almost like pimples on my legs. I also had no appetite and became nauseas every time I try to eat. I could only eat a little bit of lettuce and tomato once a day and lost a lot of weight. I was happy about the weight loss but felt really sick, weak and as if I was not getting enough oxygen. Various doctors wanted to treat me for stress, but I refused. I finally asked a doctor to treat me for a fungal infection and after a month of Lamysil tablets, the sores and other symptoms disappeared. I also started taking iron tablets. I noticed that if I stop with the iron tablets for more than a week, I develop dandruff and if I stop long enough (about a month) the sores on my legs come back. I also feel week and out of breath if I stop for too long with the iron. I am worried that the fungus might still be in my body and I am also wondering why I need to constantly take iron supplement. Will it work if I take a pinch of Borax and a drop of clove oil in a glass of water to kill a possible fungus. I am still exposed to my cat's fungus every day as the vet could not cure my cat. I am also wondering where my iron is disappearing to as I am not a vegetarian and am not menstruating. Why do I develop anemia so quickly when I don't take iron supplements? (I am 32 years old.) Any help and advise will be very much appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Linda: Discussing the intricacies of microbes are far beyond this email, but in summary certain bacteria and mycobacterium make use of iron and it is a competitor against certain fungus. The other possibility which is even more likely is that certain fungus TENDS to steal your body's iron and store for its own use, causing an anemia on your part.

First I prefer to discuss the cat first, since it seems to be causing the problem. Prepare a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution and add borax until it no longer dissolves. Apply as often as possible in one day, such as 5-6 times, if it does not irritate the skin. Do not dry the cat.

As for you, a borax and a drop of clove oil may help, but topical applications of borax with hydrogen peroxide is also important too.

The issue is that fungus tends to grow in acid medium, so it may help that adding 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water for you taken 3 times a day, or 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day will increase the body's ability to fight of fungus by alkalization. However it takes about 2 weeks to raise the necessary bicarbonates to notice results. Some people tend to privately take 1 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day on empty stomach, to get an optimum dose. I prefer to go slowly, but you are the judge on this. Most beginners I usually use a minimum dose instead of optimum dose since optimum dose varies from person to person much more than minimum dose. The issue of iron can be three fold, a bacteria that requires a lot of iron necessary for growth, suppressing the fungus growth by competition, but not necessarily your health!

The second is a simple vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C increases the body's ability to utilize and absorb iron without the necessity for taking it. Taking plenty of sodium ascorbate vitamin C (an alkaline form of ascorbic acid). If you can't find sodium ascorbate, than mix ascorbic acid and baking soda will get the same thing, in water, until the fizz stops.

The third possibility is the body is in acid state, where this issue is already settled by taking baking soda.

One new thing I learned is taking some apple cider vinegar with baking soda, or lemon with baking soda, causes the body's nitrite to release a very small amount of nitric oxide, effectively killing the fungus too. Vitamin C also helps. Sometimes the body cannot utilize the natural nitrites being produced by the body without sufficient vitamin C in the body. Malic acid may also improve that ability.

As to your issue for no menstruation, this is unusual for a person of age 32. Normally I see women stopped menstruating at age 50. I found that menstruation can come back and working normally or above normal, if the body is sufficiently alkaline, with plenty of bicarbonates (baking soda), vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium and zinc. Calcification of ovaries may be at issue and this may be reduced with magnesium, vitamin C, lemon, and baking soda. Fluoride because it accumulates in the pineal gland may also cause menstruation to stop faster, therefore borax, is antifungal, removes fluoride, and while cats hate taking bath the borax may help kill the fungus too.

As to your reduced appetite, taking some vitamin B complex will improve the appetite. Vitamin E and selenium supplements (antifungal also) improves iron utilization.

In summary, your condition of anemia is bought on by fungus taking away your body's iron and it is being stored by it. Obviously, clove oil, borax and hydrogen peroxide can help. But if it didn't work as well, increasing the frequency of dose is usually the best ways to kill it. If those are insufficient, other supporting factors to kill it includes, chromium supplements. Topical 1% copper chloride solution applied to the area where there is known fungus. Other variations are possible, such as the use of eucalyptus oils applied to your legs or areas where there is a known fungus problem. Eucalyptus breaks down into a weak hydrogen peroxide too. If the fungus is killed, the anemia problem will be reduced. However, to cover all possibilities, I am including as many remedies I can think of here.