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Anemia - Dangerously Low Blood Levels

Posted by Anonymous on 10/14/2009

Hi Ted, I have just been diagnosed with anemia. Blood count of 7.5. I feel fine but I am not able to travel to India via US because my doctor says I could experience cardiac arrest or passing out on a 14 hour flight. For almost 2 years (1.5 years maybe) I have been taking Lime/baking soda/sodium carbonate/potassium citrate drink (once at night) along with sea salt/baking soda/borax/ 3 drops 35% H2O2 to 1 liter of water (i drink about 3-5 liters a day). I also take magnesium citrate. 3 months ago I started taking fulvic/humic acid. Am I overdoing it? What should I do to get my dangerously low blood levels back up? I actually feel fine and don't feel like I am sick. I am Indian and lacto-vegetarian. Please help?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Blood counts will rise or at least the iron will be raised if chlorophyll supplements are taken three times a day. It helps if partially cooked liver (assuming you are not vegetarian, but apparently you are), taken daily.

If you are a vegetarian, then iron supplements taken daily helps. For the stomach to increase uptake of mineral, it helps to add some pure gelatin powder without sugar, along with food, plus increasing stomach acid with betaine HCl or just 2-3 drops of hydrochloric acid in a glass of water taken three times a day along with meals.

Some people have been more radical in taking iron infusion, but this kills the liver and kidneys for people with kidney problems.

As to why some people cannot uptake the iron from their food, I have found this to be much due to low enzymes in the body, low iodine (so a drop or two of lugols solution a day internally sems to help), and low stomach acid. Enzyme supplements are available in most stores and is taken along with meals. Gelatin powder can be added with food so the body can uptake the minerals faster.

Fulvic/humic acid are mineral rich compounds, but sometimes people have low minerals across the board and can't uptake them. It is observed in rat studies that if indium mineral is added, the minerals increase across the board. The indium supplements used is often called indium sulfate and is usually available over the internet. Kiwi fruit may be rich in indium element also, and a kiwi fruit consumption may help too. Chlorophyll in research studies is shown that iron levels do increase, but other minerals maybe needed too.