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Alkalizing Remedies for Lyme Causing Side Effects

Posted by J (Anonymous) on 04/17/2013

Hello Ted from Thailand, Thank you for your good works helping people.

I read your posts on the earthclinic.com regarding lyme disease and the alkalizing recipes, and I have been taking the borax and baking soda. It's only been a week but my energy seems to be improving.

In fact I have to stop taking the alkalizing formulas in the early afternoon because they seem to have a stimulating effect on me. The baking soda especially sometimes makes me feel like i had a coffee -- my mind gets very energetic, sometimes anxious, and other times angry!

Is this a common reaction? Are there other reactions i should be aware of during this alkalizing process? Also the borax really makes my lips dry and my skin feel inflamed. Am i not drinking enough water? Am i taking too much?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
I don't see these side effects but if you are experiencing inflamed skin, this is a symptom of the body getting rid of the fungus and will be helped with a topical application of bentonite clay or borax in water as a paste on the skin. Apply one or the other for 5 or more minutes. But I do see similar problems with fungal infections when the body tries to get rid of it using other means.


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