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Question About Tri-potassium Citrate

Posted by Karl (Chiang Mai, Thailand) on 07/15/2008

Dear Khun Ted, Greetings from Chiang Mai. I am currently evaluating Dr MacDaniels Zeta Aid which is basically tri-Potassium Citrate with perhaps a small percentage of Sodium Bicarbonate added to it. Do you have any recommendations or comments for me about this formula? I have purchased an EC meter but haven't used it yet as I am still looking for a suitable storage medium for the tip. Thank you for your valued time and continuous sharing of your expertise. With my best wishes, Karl

PS: have you made any progress with your stem cell stimulation research?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Karl:
Actually tripotassium citrate is the proper name for the common potassium citrate, much like trisodium citrate to mean sodium citrate. Potassium citrate is often used to alkalized the urine to prevent polycystic kidney, as much as trisodium citrate to alkalized, the only difference is that in cases of acid saliva, a tripotassium is often called for, while trisodium is more easily dealt with for most people, as lack of potassium or hypokalemia can occur in some people. An ideal alkalization remedy should also restore some electrolytes and should contain magnesium if possible. But for an alkalizing remedy with more potassium and less sodium is fine for most people, with exception of people on a Hallelujah diet, vegetable diets and fruit diets, which are sometimes dangerously low in sodium. The potassium will have blood pressure lowering effect only if the person has potassium deficiency, but won't decrease much if the body already has sufficient potassium. Most of the decrease if sufficient in sodium and potassium will be from the alkalizing. Potassium will usually restore normal bowel movements better than baking soda generally speaking, since the body seems to loose potassium easier during such bowel movements. Therefore, the alkalizing remedy mentioned is useful for people who are not on a vegetarian diets and has taken sufficient amount of sodium. The effect of potassium overdose is excessive sweating, extreme diarrhea and difficulty of breathing. The cure for potassium overdose is easy: 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt will stop extreme sweating, diarrhea and heart problems within a matter of minutes. On the other hand, taken excessive salt or even sea salt will put pressure on the frontal lobes or the head in general, and taking more potassium will reduce that, assuming of course the cause is not high blood pressure, which it usually is, but sometimes high blood pressure can be initiated sometimes by just the lack of potassium.

As to the EC unit, you will find either the urine is excessively conductive and off the charts, which will often mean heavy metal poisoning (mine is copper from the metal faucet) or excessive salt in the body. However, this can easily be proven of taking EDTA for one or two day acually reduced the Electrical Conductivity of urine.

Therefore EC can be used to detect indirectly excessive metals in the urine, but also salinity in the urine from too much salt intake. Sometimes metals found can come from aluminum teapot, but often it comes from bad metal faucets, faulty water filter and pipes fitting. These are common contaminants I found that leads to liver problems. A visual inspection of water with red junk often is indicator of metal poisoing that leads to conductive urine. In Thailand more than 80% of the places have metal contamination, usually copper, sometimes cadmium which leads to blood pressure problem, especially the cadmium, but copper usually ends up with some form of liver problem. Other countries have arsenic in Bangladesh, fluoride in India, mercury in Canada, and lead in United States. Quite often the reason for a lot of agricultural damage actually comes from the water irrigation and it is this reason why rain water makes plant grow faster- it's the lack of free heavy metal contamination is one thing, but fluoridated and chlorinated water is another that devastate farming, and not just our health.

A suitable storage medium for the tip is just water in potassium chloride solution in a small wet cotton covered by appropriate plastic caps. Most problems of storage is actually the ORP and sometimes the pH meter. The ORP has a platinum and may get oxidized by the air affecting measurements. pH meter is the same. But for most EC meters this may not be a problem as their electrodes are usually carbon and generally not much of a problem of oxidation occur in that instances. It depends on the electrodes.


p.s. Stem cells, don't have time right now, but a small electrical current going through the body, and it's quite small, in the nanometer range will create some stem cells. Aloe vera oils that I have found has certain properties which increase stem cells in the body, perhaps because of high monoatomic elements found in the aloe vera oil, which are superconductive in nature and may cause this stem cell regeneration. Bone marrows create stem cells from the piezoelectric effect on the bone whenever there is mechanical stress and that's why stem cell rebuilding is located inside the bones, but may be destroyed if heavy metals, and other chemical toxins that exists outside the bones. For most people colloidal silver will create stem cells too.