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Scary, Dark Dreams After Taking MSM

Posted by M on 04/01/2008

Hi, I have just started taking (for 4 days now) an MSM supplement which suggests taking just about 1 and one-half grams of MSM daily in three separate doses. In the last two days I have experienced some pretty intensely weird dreams that definitely are on the scary, dark side, meaning disturbing to me. I was wondering if you have ever heard of this reaction from others. The supplement I am taking is called Zymosine and it also contains Glucosamine, Condroitin, Boron, Boswellia Serrata Extract 65%, Devils Claw Extract 8% and Bromelain no percent given. Contains no sucrose, fructose, lactose, sodium chloride, yeast, wheat, gluten, cornsoy or milk. No preservatives or artificial flavors

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The supplement you are taking appears to be the Zymosine, which amongst others also contains MSM. The problem appears not to be the MSM, based on description. Weird nightmares only occur when there is an allergic reaction usually coming from devil's claws. The zymosine is a mixture of supplements designed for joint pain, which I don't really agree with their mixes, especially devil's claws, which causes breathing problems during sleep, leading to nightmares, or sometimes muscle tensions, which can also lead to strange dreams. Weird dreams, nightmares is natures own way of reminding a person that there is something wrong with the supplements. In case if you are not observant enough, I never mentioned anywhere in any postings on earthclinic on Devil''s Claws because of the side effects associated with such use. Also in the long run, I prefer to buy separate components and try individually before knowing which particular supplements is best and then use them together. While this may sound impractical, they may save money in the long run because companies spend money compounding it. When they are sold separately and I take them myself together, I save money in the long run and I get to determine which ones require more which ones require less instead of getting rid of the whole thing if it does not work for me. To get rid of nightmares, I would probably take some magnesium gluconate supplements as it seems that the compounding of the supplements reduced the body's or deplete the body of magnesium levels, as well as the mixture causes the body's pH to be acid which leads to problematic nightmares just the same. The most important part in sleeping is that the nutrition I take has to be alkaline, if not problem occurs in sleeping as effects of acidity causes cells to be burning instead of relaxing. The cells metabolizes when it is burning but it is also becomes acid. The cells only heals whenever it is NOT burning, in which state it has to be in an alkaline state. Part of the problem I see people die in their sleep, where they suddenly just stopped breathing, was from the effects of electrolyte depletion, lowered levels of magnesium, allergic reaction to certain supplements leading to die. The body also tends to be most acid around 2-4 a.m. which coincides at the time where people also die in their sleep. Hence, the body prefer not to be more acid, in healthy people which is why magnesium and baking soda are needed at that time. Therefore to reduce side effects, MSM is generally taken in the morning hours, while boron, which is more alkaline form is taken in the evening, while on the other hand, bromelain, which is more acid and works like a digestive, works best if taken during the day time, while devil's claw has to be tested separately for possible allergic reactions. The glucosamine, or glucosame sulfate, or chrondrotin can generally be taken anytime. As to Boswellia Serrata, are acid in nature which is browellic acid, are taken also in the morning, not at night. So whenever the company mixed them altogether it may not necessarily be compatible with the body's needs due to circadium rhythm and pH issues. For joint pain, I would generally consider, magnesium gluconate, baking soda, vitamin D3 and borax as the most important supplements. Certain proteins matrix are needed and certain collagen and healing is needed, and hence knox gelatin, vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg, and the morning whey protein drinks. Glucosamine generally help joint mobility at least in the short term before the more important cause, which is ligament destruction by staph like bacteria are generally protected with plenty and plenty of magnesium, while bone being digested by fungal like bacteria are generally protected by the borax or boron compound. The protein matrix necessary to hold the bone structure as well as healing are dealt with through aloe vera drinks as it contains allantoin. To prevent calcium leeching and provide calcium metabolism, it has always been the vitamin D3, which is generally about 20,000 i.u. taken per day. However, the most important to protect against calcium leeching is sufficient alkalinity, so usually 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. In general, the best remedy to relieve the problem nightmare, is to first avoid the supplements I might presently be taking, and take them apart, such as MSM, while skipping over cat's claw. The quick remedy to resolving night mare besides the avoiding that, for me, is to take the magnesium supplements, in particular magnesium citrate, 250 mg/day plus the baking soda as mentioned. If there is still a problem, then 1/4 teaspoon of good quality sea salt in one liter of drinking water. Quite often nightmares are due to magnesium deficiency, allergic reaction to cat's claw, taking the supplements at the wrong time of day (should be in the morning), and the body does not have sufficient alkalinity which baking soda should cover the bases. Again this is not dealing with the joint or arthritis pain, this is just so the person can get a normal sleep.

Replied by Lynn
La Chapelle, France

I am Diabetic but this is treated with tablets, also High blood pressure and a fatty liver also have arthritis of the spine and cervial spondilitus. I was told to take MSM, Boron and Glucosamin and condroitin. I suffer from really bad acid especially in the early hours of the morning, can you tell me if it is ok to take these things and can you also suggest anything else I could take. I found the information you gave about taking boron at night and msm in the morning very useful. I take Metformin 850 and coversyl 3mg and also symvastatin 20mg. I do hope you can help thank you

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, USA
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To Lynn, This is Merryanne in Fl,,I am 62 yo, and have been a diabetic since 1992,,,I have personaly known of several people that have taken metformin and had to get off of it because of body pain and discomfort,,my own niece took it for 2 months and it made her hurt in her body,,she quite taking it,,I personaly use diet and insulin, and apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons ACV, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda let it fizz, then add 1 pint water and drink it down. I do the ACV at least 2 times a day. Merryanne of Florida

Replied by Frederica

I took about a half teaspoon of MSM yesterday, and this morning I had the most intense nightmare ... I was disabled, and unable to move, and felt trapped in a haunted room, with a low ceiling, laying in bed, feebly calling for help. I heard the single gong of a doorbell, but no one came and I couldn't move. Eventually I was able to move and found myself at a stove, cooking a large fillet of fresh fish in a frying pan. The fish suddenly blackened so quickly that I gasped in horror and pushed the pan off the fire. Throughout this dream I felt as if I was crippled, unable to move properly, and that I could trust no person to help or even understand.

With great relief I awoke. Irealized that in the dream I had never thought to call for help from God even though I felt trapped in an evil and oppressive environment, like a living hell. And that realization scared me more than the dream! Being trapped in a hell and not recalling the name of God at all. Because in real life, I would have prayed for help.

In tracing the origins of this dream, I remembered taking the MSM. Yet, I am not afraid to continue to take it. It may have been an outtlier -- and I have heard of astonishingly good dreams from MSM as well as bad ones.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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In very rare instances is it allergy due to MSM. What I know is 500 mg of niacinamide before sleep should quieten the nightmares. And some B-6 taken before meals should help digestion as well as yogurt to help bowel movements.

Indigestion is common cause of nightmares. MSM does not cause nightmares but additives can such as magnesium stearate.


Replied by Margaret

I also got very intense nightmares after msm (on it's own, so nothing else implicated).
I will never take it again.