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Miracle Drug of the Nw

Posted by Jim (Stillwater, USA) on 04/02/2007

Due to many years experience with that "Miracle Drug of the NW", DMSO, and recent use of Peroxide, why can't the cayenne be mixed with either one. The DMSO carries "what ever", immediately into the bloodstream, body and brain. It seems that with the wonderful carrying ability of DMSO, it would work well with the pepper. After all, rub it on your big toe and in less than a minute, you will taste it in your mouth. Sorta fishy or garlic like. Also, DMSO is a great anti-inflamation fighter plus a wonderful anti biotic and great pain killer. It is very good for stomach ulcers, or any open wound, immediately starting a healing process. I am going to use it with the pepper, orally and by mixing it and applying it to skin when there is pain, or poor veins. Comments would be appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

Usually a cayenne pepper and hydrogen peroxide combination seems to do a better job, or a DMSO and cayenne works in similar ways. Both a hydrogen peroxide and DMSO is often used as carriers, but they can't be used both together. They tend to neutralize one another. My experience is hydrogen peroxide seems to have an upper hands on infections over the DMSO.

Replied by Mayte
Los Angeles

You can make an excellent cream to use when you have pain with DMSO 70% and diclofenac