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Posted by Danh (Anonymous) on 06/02/2012

Hi Ted, I was wondering if you could share your insights in how much studying of the following people and their protocols you've done and where you agree and disagree, and besides clinical experience, what sources have led you to your opinions on the bulk of your remedies (baking soda, lemon, ACV, etc). As I see it, they all don't 100% agree with each other, but I'm sure their ideas work for a lot of people. I want to see how maybe to more unify the concepts and make sense of them.

thanks for your time, Danh

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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-Carey Ream's RBTI (emphasizes lemon, specifically what sources besides clinical experience makes you disagree with his stance on the calciums, since one practitioner told me that it's the calciums that will restore your pH balance as opposed to short term remedies like baking soda?)

He used alkalizing by calcium, but there is more then one way you can alkalize. Calcium accumulates with age, it causes constipation, kidney cysts, urination frequency due to calcium accumulation. Kidney disease is contraindicated for calcium due to effect of clogging. Reams died of kidney complications as a result. Dr. Kervin found that we can transmute from other elements and calcium is considered to be an end product. Thats why sodium bicarbonate is used, it is not possible to increase the blood pressure and cause sodium retention with sodium bicarbonate, it is possible you can achieved that by calcium, Sodium chloride due to chloride content, and sugar (due to acidity), and these are contraindicated for kidney disease.

-Dr Lawrence Wilson's Nutritional Balancing (main focus is on electrolyte rebalancing and getting rid of heavy metals, he heavily relies on hair tissue mineral analysis LIFESTYLE.htm

He meant competitive inhibition, but you should also do EDTA.

-Guy Schenker's Nutri-Spec system (relies on electrolyte balance and Pottenger's ideas of parasympathetic/sympathetic types, and William Kelley's glucogenic/ketogenic types, relies on urine ph saliva ph like reams but also on respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure as indicative of imbalances. His views on pH are interesting

Too many to be discussed individually, to answer all of these.


Replied by Sorrell
Brookline, Ma, USA

Hi Ted, Thanks for the site. I am experiencing terrible pain in shoulders esp right shoulder and neck and also sides of lower abdomen. Under my skin it feels all broken up, gravelley, also kind of stringy in shoulder area. The pain has been getting much worse, and is now in my foot- I am scared I wont be able to walk.

Do you recommend ionic foot baths or detox foot pads or both?

I am utterly exhusted, wake up at 2, 3, 4 AM and sleep quality is terribe. I take deep sleep and herbal sleep aid-also trazodone, 125 mg, gabapentin for moods 300mg, venlafaxine generic of effexor 25mg.

I have neuropathy in my feet but not from diabetes. My balance is off. My digestion is terrible and I feel like there is toxic sludge in my colon. I have candida, fibromialgia and arthritis. I have been taking magnesium, digest enzymes, probioitic-country life, spirulina, chlorella, b vitamins etc, I have alos done acupunture, massage, reiki etc but no go.

I feel tons of resentment. I get easily overwhelmed with all the possible remedies. The worst problem is the pain and the exhaustion. Is there a nondrug sleep aid that you know of that is not contraindicated for the drugs I'm on, even something I could take temporaily to knock me out.

Thank you for your help.