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Would MMS Help a Pituitary Tumor?

Posted by Tiffany (Moongan, Qld, Australia) on 11/04/2009

Hi Ted,

I have been reading alot of information about MMS and how it has helped numerous people but was wondering if it would help a Pituitary Tumour!!

I have just recently been told that I have a Pituitary Tumour and was wondering if you think MMS would help??

Thanks so much!!


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I am not part of the MMS fan. For one thing, I have seen too many cases of cancer becoming metastasis. MMS results are quick in some cases of flu, but most people's condition gets worsen. The reason is really simple. Regardless of whether one uses MMS1 or MMS2, which is calcium hypochlorite, it's used in chlorinated water. For short term emergency kits, it might be ok, but in the long run, it's causes iodine deficiency. Since chlorine, iodine, fluorine, bromine are all halogens, the only safe halogens that is required by the body is actually iodine. Some people make claims why MMS is so good on the account of it's used in curing malaria. But if we look at the turn of the century, during Edgar Cayce's time, iodine was used to treat malaria also. It was Dr. Bisey who found that he cured malaria from eating burned seaweed and then later to advise Cayce on newer ways to produce nascent iodine. In fact, lugol's solution is presently being used to stop cancer. It does it two ways, iodine uptake is required by certain organs in the body, iodide is uptake mostly in the thyroid. It raises the immune system, when it is down, some have iodine deficiency. A survey shows 96% deficiency of iodine based on iodine uptake by the body. So iodine makes more sense since taking more chlorine MMS, or MMS2 will result in chlorine driving out iodine. It also lowers the body's antioxidant level, while temporary is good, one day or two, a long term iodine makes even more sense to use lugol's solution. The dose of lugols' for one case of cancer, along with the other remedies is 3-5 drops of lugol's three times a day with 1000 mg of vitamin C, 3 times a day. The vitamin C goes to the brain faster in presence of iodine.

Replied by Winnie
Hong Kong

i totally agree with what Ted is saying here. one thing is, take iodine and vitamin c or any other food with anti-oxidant separately. thyroid gland needs iodide, the breast... Uterus... Prostate glands need iodine. in presense of anti-oxidant, iodine will change to iodide, only the thyroid gland can make use of it.