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Protein, Yellow in Urine

Posted by G on 07/07/2007

You have been a great source of knowledge and inspiration. How can you eliminate protein from the urine? Also, what is the significance of "yellow urine", yellow is not intense enough to obscure reading newspaper print in the toilet water after urination. What is the significance of yellow urine, and how can it be eliminated?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Glenda: High protein in urine means the body is fighting against some infection, either in the kidneys or liver from a long term disease. Usually if pH of urine is raise such as 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day in 1/2 glass of water will help lower the protein in the urine.

Yellow urine is from high protein, taking vitamin B complex, or not drinking enough water. Drinking more wate will dilute the yellow color to almost pale yellow or even close to white.

I have noticed that if a liver problem, usually zinc, magnesium supplements help. However it should be noticed that it takes a couple of days to lower the protein.

Even a liver problems such as hepatitis b, hepatitis C, virus, and diabetes for example can all lead to this problem. A simple remedy that can deal with that generally are humic acid 1/4 teaspoon humic acid powder in 1 glass of water, single dose, or green tea (no sugar, no fructose, no milk) and low fat (less vegetable oils, no fried foods and cheese) will lead to lower protein in the urine. Of course those are simplest remedy. A green tea required to be taken for 4 times a day for two days to notice some improvement.

Replied by Deborah
Hull, MA

My cat has watery blood in her urine, I suspect it's high in protein (as per a doctor friend of mine) My question... Can these human remedies be used on a cat?