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Posted by Ted (Bangkok) on 01/31/2007 391 posts

Commonly known as Urine therapy, used in India and even since the biblical times, they have been using urine to drink and to use in skin also.

Of course our society find this hard to accept, so we go to a more cleaner solution in finding the active components of why urine is so effective.

Basically it is the urea component and the osmolarity of sodium and potassium. However in certain bacteria, such as e. coli, which is most resistant are more sensitive to urea components than it is for the ammonia (in the urine), the osmolarity(salts), or the pH. In this case, we can consider that urea, which is available found in a local fertilizer, is the active components against certain bacteria. You can perhaps buy them yourself and use that as a skin lotion or antiseptic solution using a urea, and perhaps a concentrated sea salt solution added. This is the closest artificial urine without using the real thing.

Urea is most effective when urine pH is between 5.5 to 6.5 for e.coli. But this may not be true for other bacteria.

However, it is interesting to note that you can increase urea by eating very salty fishes to increase urea (a protein by product) which will increase both urea, and osmolarity enough to kill the urinary tract infection by something as simple as the food we eat. For me at least just a tablespoon of sea salt would kill the urinary tract infection, but it won't work for everyone. So perhaps eating fishes would invariably increase the urea, plus some cranberry juice, where its active component in my opinion comes from the benzoate found naturally in the cranberry.

Another component of urine, which is in much smaller amount is hydroxyurea, which is basically a reaction between hydroxylamine hcl with baking soda, and can actually be found in urine and also have some antibacterial and antiviral components too. Some conventional medicine use this for anti-cancer treatment, but in my opinion the dose is way too high and should lower the dose but with higher bicarbonates instead.

Different organisms have different sensitivity necessary to reduce their numbers and may effect a kill, either salts (osmolarity), pH (usually alkalinity), or certain biological by products such as urea.

It not sup rising that many cosmetic preparation often add about 10% urea also to help with the skin or another form of such as Diazolidinyl Urea in most skin preparations.

It is probably why urine therapy was used in the olden times for cancer and other conditions, it is perhaps the urea, as well as the antioxidant charges (most urine oxidation reduction potentials are often negative in value, while most of the food we drinks are strongly positive in value) and therefore an oxidant. There are other components too, besides that. I cut and paste a simple study on just urea on its effect of e.coli, in case you are wondering why urine works. I prefer a more chemical means of using urea directly, perhaps because of my chemistry background and that I haven't quite yet grown accustomed to using them in the original form! Ted

J Clin Invest. 1968 October; 47(10): 2374–2390.

Antibacterial activity of human urine

Donald Kaye
1Department of Medicine, The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, New York 10021

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

The fate of bacteria in human urine was studied after inoculation of small numbers of Escherichia coli and other bacterial strains commonly implicated in urinary tract infection. Urine from normal individuals was often inhibitory and sometimes bactericidal for growth of these organisms. Antibacterial activity of urine was not related to lack of nutrient material as addition of broth did not decrease inhibitory activity. Antibacterial activity was correlated with osmolality, urea concentration and ammonium concentration, but not with organic acid, sodium, or potassium concentration. Between a pH range of 5.0-6.5 antibacterial activity of urine was greater at lower pH. Ultrafiltration and column chromatography to remove protein did not decrease antibacterial activity.

Urea concentration was a more important determinant of antibacterial activity than osmolality or ammonium concentration. Increasing the urea of a non inhibitory urine to equal that of an inhibitory urine made the urine inhibitory. However, increasing osmolality (with sodium chloride) or increasing ammonium to equal the osmolality or ammonium of an inhibitory urine did not increase antibacterial activity. Similarly, dialysis to decrease osmolality or ammonium but preserve urea did not decrease inhibitory activity. Decreasing urea with preservation of ammonium and osmolality decreased antibacterial activity. Removal of ammonium with an ion exchanger did not decrease antibacterial activity, whereas conversion of urea to ammonium with urease and subsequent removal of the ammonium decreased antibacterial activity.

Urine collected from volunteers after ingestion of urea demonstrated a marked increase in antibacterial activity, as compared with urine collected before ingestion of urea.

Replied by Violetto
Atlanta, Ga, United States

This made me cringe first time reading it but after all the Yeas it got me thinkin many times. Now that I understand the healing powers of urine, but I've always thought we eliminate toxins in urine too. Would that just put toxins back into your system? Just curious.

Replied by Ching
Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

I have a diabetes mil. 2 and other body problems because I am already of age and I am now drinking my own Urine and it taste good and actually making a difference. - Ching

Replied by Jackie

This is for Ted of Bangkok. Good evening. I am very much in favour of the efficacy of urine therapy and have used it on and off while water fasting. I have had lymphoedema for 25 years and it has become somewhat worse.I would like to persue fasting again for an extended time using water fasting but this would automatically mean that I am reingesting lymph would it not thus perpetuating the lymphatic situation? I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible as I would like to continue with this asap. Very many thanks.

Replied by Ruralgirl
Heart Of Texas

For Jackie in the Ukraine,

In 2002 the surgeon gave me six months to live because he thought (and biopsy showed) that the uterine cancer had metastasized to my pecan-sized lymph nodes. Ten months later they were ping-pong ball-sized. I was feeling the "big squeeze" that the oncologist said would kill me as my organs would not be able to work. I started taking AG capsules (3-morning and 3-evening). In THREE DAYS my lymph nodes felt normal so I could wear a bra. I happened to have another scan six months after that, and my lymph nodes really were normal-size! Be sure to use the AG from the larch tree called ImmunEnhancer. I got mine online from vitamin shoppe.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

HI U RURAL GIRL, , , , , , , , ,

Been half-way round the watermelon but don't know what an AG capsule is. Please explain as I have edema of my ankles since my vertebrae fracture and would like to see if your solution may help me.


Replied by Gannet

Hi Ole Robert Henry! I am a New Zealander living in Ukraine, How long did it take you to walk round your watermelon? last time I walked round mine it took me 31 minutes

Replied by Phil

Think she's talking about arabinogalactan capsules. Google it.

Replied by Kay

AG is Arabinogalactan from the larch tree