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What Do You Think About Kefir?

Posted by Grace on 03/30/2009


I read you comment in regard to cows milk and due to casein, inhibits bodies use of supplement.

What do you think of drinking kefir(from cows milk), do you think this is more detrimental to health than useful?

Thanks, for all your ideas, and the time you give us.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If milk has to be drank, it should be raw and is taken alone, without food so it doesn't become an anti nutrient from the casein. Since it's fermented, there's still some contraindications against use in people with cancer as they are very acid intolerant. A person with a cancer can developed to full blown metastasis with a yogurt or any fermented milk and will take an entire day (using alternative remedies, not conventional one) to take control of that. The reason being it's acid and lactic acid is in excess with some people such as cancer and athletes. I can't say that lactic acid is good for you either. That reasoning comes from biochemistry when we prepare tissue cultures. if we use lactic acid as a pH adjuster or pH buffer, most tissue cultures will simply die, even if the pH is within normal range. So there is some toxicity of both latic acid and lactate and is considered a waste product. While this thought may run counter to bodybuilders, it's hard to rationalized when tissue cultures fold up if lactic acid were used to modify the acidity instead of other acid pH adjusters at optimum pH. In any event, for most healthy people I tend to be less strict and will just let people take baking soda to reduce the acidity of the food. Unless other nutrient are sought that might be an exception.

As to the issue directly addressed to kefir, most milk casein has already clumped together so it won't be an anti nutrient. If they were eaten with plenty of water, I don't think it is that harmful to most normal healthy people.