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Is Stevia a Healthy Alternative?

Posted by Debbi (Gardiner, ME) on 11/25/2006

Amazing site!! I just found it this morning !I read about Aspartame and Splenda (Yuk!). What about Stevia or organic sugar? I would be very interested to learn about each. I use Stevia. Thank you. Debbie

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Debbie: Stevia is fine. In Thailand we make teas out of it and it is called sweet grass (yah wahn). Stevia also reduces the body's excess blood sugar so it makes for a great sugar substitute and it is not acid forming either. A good link, just go here:

Replied by Linda

A very well known brilliant doctor has found another very safe sugar substitute called "Just Like Sugar". It is very good AND safe also.