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Do Ionic Foot Baths Really Work?

Posted by Denise on 02/07/2008

Love your article on ionic foot detox. Hi, Ted. I'm so glad I read your article. I was at my chiropractor's today, and they were demonstrating this very thing, and there was a lady with her feet in the tub of water. I almost threw up when I saw the water, and the water kept getting worse! My question to you is, besides the colors, there was also some algae-type stuff floating around in the water, but this lady said the water was completely clean when she started. The water/algae solution really looked like something we saw as kids when we saw a little pond of water, all green and brown and yucky with little patches of green algae floating around. Any thoughts? I was really going to try this ($15 for 15 minutes), but after reading your article I'm having my doubts. Thanks for your time. Would love a reply. This is a sincere note. :) Thanks, Denise

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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When a machine is re-used, the fungus, and algae tends to grow inside the device from moisture which discharges out the iron, the iron gets more rusted, and some fungus grows on them. Hence it is the electrodes, where the algae that grows around it that is creating the problem. What the original invention was is to allow negative ions to be loaded into your body, or full electrons, has gone off into new directions on foot detox, which it doesn't do. The devices actually achieved none of those.

The one device that does what it claims that doesn't really do any foot detox, but what it does is it charges the body to 10,000 plus volts and small amps , placing the body on an insulator and charged up the body with excess negative ions, so that the surplus electrons can act as a free radical scavengers of positive charges. The body then is naturally detoxed with the negative ions itself and drinking more water will remove the toxins. This is why people who travels frequently reports Deep Vein Thrombosis, or Economy Class Syndrome. It works when the plane goes into the clouds and above, acquires positive ions (the atmosphere is actually positve ions) which can amount can easily attain 100,000 volts of positive electricity tricking into the body to think the tissue is damage in the area of the leg, since that area acquires the most positive charge from the plane, sometimes causing varicose veins, swelling feet (which doesn't happen if you sit in an office all day), and causes accelerated blood clots. These accelerated blood clots gets recirculated and my cause heart problems as the clots get lodged into the heart. At least that' just one theory. So what a good ionizers do is supposed to reverse this with a negative charge. The foot detox in my opinion started with the wrong end of things and is not doing what was intended to do. The more reliable devices are negative ion air generators makes more sense. In fact this one is a proven technology and Russians have allegedly used it in the Olympics during training because they found there is a statistically significant improvement in athletic ability and stamina when they use the device. Of course in the area of sports medicine the use of negative ion (air) generators have great usefulness during training, it is also one of the secret weapons athletes have against competing nation. Even my own country isn't aware of this fact, but you can have a read on this one:

As for the foot detox, it is merely electrodes of low DC performing electrolysis, creating those colors. If I really bothered to check I have found live bacteria, rusts, and also algae. There is no organic acids and other human wastes found in the water, which would obviously prove it comes from you. It comes from the device itself.

As a matter of fact, I don't use a foot detox because it is for this reason. I however do have a couple of negative ion generators, but on the other hand I can do it chemically creating excess negative ions by drinking or taking sodium ascorbate, or vitamin C with baking soda, or apple cider vinegar and baking soda. I can easily prove this phenomenon by buying an electronic ORP meter, which measures in millivolts the solution to be taking. The readings will be typically -200 or less millivolts of the resultant solution, which means negative charge. Most of the foods we do eat isn't. It's usually 100 or more millivolts, including something as simple as a common bottled water, or even a mineral spring water. Hence, a lot of our food has oxidizing influence which accumulate toxins, while negative neutralizes them, to some extent, and help with the healing process.

Replied by Rk
Houston, Texas

This is a comment for Ted from Bangkok regarding his comment concerning aircraft entering clouds and developing an electric charge.

Ted, as a pilot of commercial airplanes and others, and having more than 45 years of experience, I would like to direct you toward a search for 'aircraft static discharge wicks'. These discharge the ion buildup immediately in order to prevent the aircraft from developing an electrical potential that will create a lightning strike on the aircraft.

Nice idea though, but it unnecessarily alarms uninformed passengers.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear RK: An experiment was performed on an aircraft regarding blood clots when it was grounded on an airplane. The jar tested was placed on the floor of the plane during the flight. The electrical charges were acquired and compared against the controls. This is why we have swollen feet during long distance travels. The charges accumulates around the feet when it was grounded to the floor of the airplane.

The blood clot and colloidal precipitation was increased. This explains why the positive charges were in excess that explains the economy class syndrome. It's the best explanation I can find. It's well known concept regarding negative/positive ions found in deserts. In moving vehicles, it's a well accepted fact that the vehicle acquires positive charges. The same concurs from people sitting on long distance travel, plane or car.

If I have time, I will conduct experiment regarding Oxidation Reduction Potential charges in millivolts, when the plane flies where such electrical imbalance, especially positive charges. In any event, the phenomenon of positive/negative charges are a well accepted fact and its effect on the level of brain's serotonin levels. It's not easy for the plane to insulate completely the electrical influences from charges from the clouds as well as changes in air pressures, that influences such imbalance of negative and positive ion charges.

some interesting research on serotonin and sleep/wake cycles links.