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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/24/2011

Dear Ted,

I just read your view that fruit is not healthful for humans because cancer grows in fructose. Please visit Michael Arnstein's site to see how he transformed into a long-distance runner, proven by his competition record, by changing his diet to fruits alone, along with a few raw vegetables. Please explain how this is the case, if fruit is unhealthful. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The biggest secret in sports medicine is this, and I worked in that field long ago: sugar, especially glucose, during the day of any event is what makes you give a definite advantage in running, swimming, and even marathon. But in order to hide (trade secrets) we give them fruits, but it is actually the glucose that gives them double the performance compared to a pure protein diets, in long distance running, swimming, track and field etc. Fruits takes time to burn compare to glucose, so if the competition knows about this, they will see you give him fruits, but the glucose is the trade secrets. And to make this more complicated, nuts, seeds and legumes is needed, so they can hire me as a "sport medicine" consultant. The truth is during the training, you need mostly the proteins and within a day or day of event, you give him glucose on day of event, and some fruits to confuse your maintain this trade secret. To make it more complicated so they can hire an expert, is to distinguish, the differences in glucose, ribose (more powerful), sucrose, and fructose. And before the event, during the training, you need protein supplements, but there are different supplements for speed or endurance. Then there is amino acids composition designed for endurance or speed. But that was a long time ago, 30 years, perhaps sports medicine has changed. Generally, speaking its good if you burn them all which you do. The problems lies in the fact that sugar are not burned when a person is lying all day.

Idi Amin the dictator switched fruitarian diets after being deposed of dictator and he died of diabetes. Yes it helped in weight loss as do all fructose, but it caused diabetes, but it's great for athletic competition. And you only do it on day of event, or just the day before event. So a person who don't know about sports medicine will think, it's the protein diets, yes it is during training, but on day of event you switched the diet, to a powerful ribose, glucose, fructose most well known.
The worse thing about fruits, is it caused deficiences, B12, B2, B6, and proteins. A strict fruitarian will only take fruits, but that is not possible so they added nuts and legumes for survival. A fruitarian is more strict then a vegetarian also, so they don't have to protein. You need both, but the secret is when you give them.

You cannot give fructose to a diabetic and especially to a cancer patient! They are the worse, and I have seen a family member who actually murder for inheritance by giving the person fruits long time ago when I was very young (40 years ago), the reason why I know it was I over heard a conversation that nothing kills cancer as fruits, sweet fruits.


Replied by Mayank

Thank you Ted for your wonderful reply on a sports diet. I really really needed that. It helped me a lot. I wish for your recovery as soon as possible. Take care and smile as you always do.