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Question About Mucoid Plaque

Posted by Ryan (Tacoma, Wa) on 11/22/2008

Earth clinic,
I had a question. I don't have a remedy. There is alot of colon cleansing remedies out there that claim to have health benefits such as detoxifying and removing a "mucoid plaque" from your small intestine, bowels, and colon. Leading to increased absorbtion of nutrients and an increase in weight loss and leaving with less toxins in your system as a result of removing the mucoid plauqe.

I was wondering if you guys had any references on your site or any knowledge if this was a legitament thing or not. I couldn't find anything, so i'm not sure.

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Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most of the problem is marketers try to create new words to something that existed long ago in the realms of medicine. As a result conventional medicine attack them for something that is already there, but that it make it worse when they create new words for something that scientist have another word for.

For my description, since I am not a marketer, I tend to use much more older words such as mucus. A mucus in excess can exist along the intestinal tract, and when reacted with other proteins forms this, only in some people with digestive problems. A mucus can also exist in a person were to have colds and get runny nose. So under both conditions, the intestinal mucus and runny nose can be cleared by one single supplement to liquefy them: N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg, non-effervescent type. The reason why it is non-effervescent, is that now pharma drugs are adding aspartame (and not labelling them!) and they tend to degrade in presence of human enzymes into methanol alcohol and ultimately becoming formaldehyde. I had one woman who drinks Coke Zero (other places they call Diet Coke) and is dying from heart condition. Heart is controlled by the nervous system, so when formaldehyde and methanol damages them, the signals are not sent to the heart, inducing heart stoppages - never mind the metabolic acidosis and cancer brain tumor causing issues. While tomatoes do contain this methanol, it is bound to pectin and doesn't show up in the blood as "methanol" if you compare this to coke, which does, as well as benzene (from degradation of benzoic acid inside your blood.

A sticky mucus like substance can exist in certain forms, such as a biofilm created by bacteria and virus as a "the great wall" that protects their against antibiotics and antifungal medicine. These are complicated polysaccharides that I myself have great difficult trying to getting rid of this biofilm, but I did finally found it.

A mucus can be created whenever you had an accident, infections set in, and pus oozes out and is mixed with biofilm, creates a thick mucus that marketers coin the name as "mucoid plaque".

Since this occurs inside the intestinal tract we can't see the irritation, infections, or nicks, scars, cuts that present themselves inside the stomach lining. They are created from undigested fish bones, hard rock stool, chicken bones, etc.

So it is possible that in an attempt to rid the irritation, the body creates mucus, or the bacteria creates themselves, in such response. An excess as a result can result in blockages of the intestinal lining, which interferes absorption, especially noticeable in some people with this condition, present themselves as "anemic", anemia, or lower red blood cell count. Experience have shown that eating an etire cartons of ice cream can also initiated a huge pus, that I have experienced to be golf sized, and the pus were so much that that it oozes out of the skin as yellow material, but the so-called "mucoid plaque" can also exist here from the external skin, not related to instestinal area, that shows up in long stringy yellow, green that I remembered were about a couple of inches in lenght. It's a reaction between a pus, and a biofilm, that shows up as such. So the existence of this form of mucus does exist, but I don't call it a plaque, it more like a pus mucus.

However, my approach to dealing with this problem is very much different from marketers since I used the mucus analogy from runny nose. And hence N Acetyl Cystiene is one of the remedies.

The other issue is not everyone has this mucus plaque (a mixing of pus and mucus from cuts and intestinal damage created from constipation which leads to hemorrhoids and perhaps "mucoid plaque"), but does happen if the low red blood cells show up, which is one proof of impaired intestinal absorption, or constant acne, or constant sickness, or intestinal swelling.

I have used only very briefly such as castor oil, one teaspoon one single dose, or taken once every week, for only 3 weeks, to clear up this in order to help prevent anemic conditions. I think Edgar Cayce mentions similar this approach also as a way to treat anemic conditions along the ascending colon. However, laxative use, can also rid the body of this and I have seen enema to be very helpful. What is interesting that I have found is there is an increase in body expelling this, whenever black pepper enema is employed. That's only a small amount is used, such as 1/16 teaspoon per liter of water for enema. However a much more milder approach is possible to clear of some unwanted pathogens, simply by eating foods with generous portions of pure black pepper powder mixed into foods we eat everyday.

However, there is a some problem behind marketers claim "mucoid plaque". While removal is possible with the use of laxatives (as in milk of magnesia or castor oil), or making the mucus more watery (with N acetyl cysteine) there is still the issue of resolving the real cause of the condition, such as hard stool, constipation, resulting from a constant state of metabolic acidosis induced by acid forming foods. 90% of all foods we eat today is actually acid forming. Certain foods can cause distended stomach, which primarily comes from fungus derived substances, such as antibiotics, any mushrooms (including Reishi), fermented products, bread made from yeast, and some not related to this, such as pasteurized and homogenized milk. So there is food intolerance here.

There is also the issue of healing the damage intestinal lining, besiding getting rid of the source of irritation. So the remedy for that one is aloe vera juice, especially eating once a week of aloe vera oil for only 3 weeks, which would invariably heal them, without resorting to the risk of consuming comfrey.

Then there is another source of irritation, which comes from overcooked foods, which leads the body to create antibodies against this foreign material, often called "RAGE" Reactive Glycation End products, which causes the body to develop autoimmunity against this. Some people who eat certain beef frequently will notice the dark face, or inflammed body upon long term consumption, and are removed almost entirely once they are avoided. So it's not a matter of debate that I am for or against Paleothic diet. The argument is overcooked products which causes autoimmunity. Some people react against beef, and it's not even the blood type, I have even notice people with O blood type to be allergic to just eating beef and other meats. In fact, Beef products have some good and bad points. The meat itself is not healthy, but the carnosine content (which is antiglycating -thus reducing gycated products and hence antiaging) is found in them. However, in order to get that, I am not proposing to eat beef, just beef juice. It is prepared by making small cubes of beef and boil over low heat before and drinking just that. I remember reading one incident during the war in which German submarine boats the sailors became so sick, and this is NOT from lack of vitamin C or scurvy. They were consuming American products, such as biscuits and canned food. The crew became so sick that they nearly died. Upon returning to dock for care, most of their sickness was reduced by eating beef juice. Apparently all canned meat products are subjected to very high heat, and increased the glycation products to astrononomical levels that the body was reacting against itself, a condition known as autoimmunity we suffer today. They were cured by eating beef juice, which contain carnosine, with plenty of vegetables, which contain plenty of enzymes to digest these toxins of glycation in nature that accumulates in the liver. So they found the cure for autoimmunity in U boats during World War I, and today we're not learning from history.

Therefore I will need to alkalize, use some laxiative, heal the intestinal tract, control the diets against RAGE (mostly from canned meats and other canned protein products). So if a dog happens to eat any "processed foods" such as any dog foods, the cooking temperature may have been so high as to cause very high glycation. Now dogs and cats do not have the carnosine level we humans do, which is directly related to longevity, and autoimmunity cuts our life short, causing an autoimmunity which reacted negatively creating this mucus pus, or mucoid plaque, that can lead to leaky gut. A remedy against leaky gut (also a remedy against antibiotics and fungus toxins and autoimmunity too) is also the use of magnesium chloride, at 500 mg taken once a day, with plenty of water, or perhaps at least other forms of magnesium such as magnesium citrate, but not magnesium carbonate or magnesium oxide, which is not soluble and therefore are not bioavailable. In addition, the milk of magnesium, which mine is 8% magnesium hydroxide and no aluminum, can be used to kill certain staphyloccous and other bacteria by raising the alkalinity level where harmful anaerobes can't exist, thus having a two fold effect, first is reduction in constipation, which reduce the toxins and the alkalinity of it which kills the pathogens. But this may not be the only remedy. I have also used borax 1/8 teaspoon in on liter of water also, as well as baking soda, to help kill certain fungal like pathogens that exist along intestinal tract. I also am investigating the use of methylene blue drops (0.1% concentration) to killing them, usually 3 drops per glass of water, as one way of reducing pathogens too. So the list in dealing with this issue is not just getting rid of it, it is about reducing them, killing them, liquefying them, removal of biofilm (through borax, etc.) and also healing the intestinal tract as well as careful control of diets reducing glycated food products. Eating glycated food products, I have seen one instance that pancreas was destroyed, leading to diabetes. So the issue much more than a simple debate of mucoid plaque.