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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 09/23/2011 391 posts

Yes, grounding helps especially if you have electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in your area. It requires a grounded pad on bed (grounded bed pad), but you can also ground your feet with metallic objects on your feet to help grounding too e.g. shoes with grounding or conductivity. But there is something people don't know, pointing the feet North or South helps too. North is stimulating on growth, South is somewhat stimulating and helps healing. North and South magnetic flows electrical too, but not East/West axis. I like my head facing South, some like head pointing north. Plants grow twice as fast on North magnet compared to south, and South magnets grow twice as fast as mixed magnets, and twice as fast as no magnetic field. Even if the person is not grounded, he will benefit with ionized air. Planes are not grounded, which accumulates positive ions, that contributes to "economy class syndrome," which is another word for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), that causes blood clots, especially around the legs because current goes in opposite direction! The positive charges comes from the feet on an Airplane rather then negative charge as you do on the earth. Then there is the added fact that there is Ion deficiency as the vehicle moves, so not only negative ion deficiency, there is also positive ion deficiency. These ions can be atmospheric, such as negative ions in the air, or it can be in a liquid, or the molecules by nature are ionizing or antioxidants negative ORP (vitamin C, N acetyl Cystiene) and it can be in the form of negative ORP as in ceramics (made of geranium, tourmaline, etc), that are made into a necklace.

Your environment, such as under the influence of an air conditioning system, may be filled with positive ions, but a waterfall has negative ions as it crashes into the stones, or dead due to right angle waters that suck the energy out of the water. These are things we ignore, but it has a huge effect on our health. Even a radio placed on top of the bed one meter away causes headaches for years, and when it was placed further away it disappeared. Geometrical structures also have that property, for example a geodesic dome causes divorce rates to go up, due to perhaps positive ions, since viruses are shaped that way, because they benefit from that.


Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Hi Ted, Thanks for all your work and hope you are not having any problems with the flooding.

In regards to the north and south are they the same for us in the southern hemisphere? As when people talk south facing (in regards to the sun) we convert that to north facing. I do realize that we are talking magnetic poles and not the sun. I am having success with barefoot earthing and extra magnesium and now have way less pain passing under transmission lines. Thanks.