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Can I Mix Aloe Vera with Other Foods?

Posted by Luis (Chicago, IL) on 09/18/2006

Ted, I would like to know about the aloe vera. Typically I have taken this by mixing the insides of a Cactus which is rich in aloe vera oil with orange juice in a blender. Does the orange juice help or diminish the natural healing powers of the oil? Or can you suggest a way to mix this Cactus substance with something better. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The only thing that an orange juice might diminish the healing power of the oil is the sugar and the bicarbonates. So if you want a better quality mix, try adding some baking soda and some food emulsifiers. Most food emulsifiers have a way of controlling blood sugar by reducing the excess oily foods in our body which creates free radicals and interferes with the liver process and sometimes destroys the pancreas beta cells which produces the insulin. One common food emulsifiers are granulated lecithin or raw egg yolk, if you can stand the taste! It must be noted that few people knew that oily foods, such as vegetable oils creates free radical. One way is that oils have a tendency to become magnets for free radical heavy metals. So reducing oils you should be able to decrease the heavy metals load in your body. Ted