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Posted by P. (Anonymous) on 11/12/2011

Hello Ted, I am very concerned about my 6 yr. old maltese dog. He has always been a very active, happy dog until two days ago. He started shaking vigorously and would not eat and seemed to be terribly afraid to just move. His limbs became very weak and is difficult for him to even jump on the sofa anymore. His gums look healthy and I checked his limbs for breakage and he's ok. My bf brought his dog to stay wt us and ended up being pregnant and having puppies, I thought he was reacting to the change of having puppies and all the attention on the other dog. I looked it up on the internet and found that these small white dogs can suffer from a syndrome called white shaker syndrome. They are usually treated with PREDNISONE which I have read is not very good to give to animals because of the side effects. I am planning on taking him to the vet this monday to get a diagnosis but I do not want to treat him wt drugs, I want to treat him naturally. He has improved in the past day though. I hand fed him and he looks a little more relaxed. I am a Reiki healer and have been doing reiki on him also. Can you please let me know the best way to treat him... I will greatly appreciate it.. Could you also start a new entry under ailments for this syndrome... I'm pretty sure there are many of us that are looking for a natural treatment for this syndrome...

Thank you so much for all your support on EarthClinic,


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The white shaker syndrome is best handled by lowering the autoimmune where lymphocytes are found in the brain as a result of mainly l-histidine deficiency, which we would lower that instead of suppressing with prednisone. Histidine is taken at 500 mg per day until symptoms vanish, there are other supporting remedies, such as some vitamin C and B complex that can be given. Although a little hard to find you can get L histidine in the internet.


Replied by Rocio
Corona, Ca

Hello Ted and thank you for helping with this dog is experiencing the same issue again..the shaking, tilting of the head, and very uncomfortable ... how much vitamin C can I give him? and B complex? Do I use the same pills that I buy for us to take? Thanks for your help...

Replied by Alissa

Hi Rocio my maltese 6 yr old female maltese has white shake syndrome she's had it since she was a puppy and been on prednisone off and on I've been doing alot of research and somehow ended up on this forum and I'm wondering if u have found a remedy for ur dog please share that info with me if u can it would be so helpful thank u in advance.

Replied by Alissa

Hello Ted, my 6 yr old maltese has had the white shake syndrome since she was given her first vaccines as a puppy I believe this syndrome is a side affect of the vaccines, any how now 6 yrs later I can't continue to give her this medication anymore because of all the side effects she's having. Please share with me ur opinion on this syndrome and ur advice on how I can cure her with ur remedies Thank you.

EC: Dear Alissa,

We're so sorry, but Ted had a stroke in June of 2015 and is unable to correspond at this time. Perhaps another contributor can advise.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hello Alissa,

The drug of choice to treat this condition is prednisilone; when hit hard and heavy this treatment alone often effects a cure of the condition by eliminating the inflammation of the brain and nervous system that results in the shaking/tremors. You are dealing with a chronic condition that is likely congential/genetic. The treatment is still the pred, but long term and typically low dose. Long term steroids do have side effects as you are well aware. So some ideas for you to consider - you will have to be the scientist and evaluate what is helping.

To combat the inflammation - all food supplements:

  • Yucca Intensive
  • Turmeric
  • Quercetin

To help the muscles 'talk' better to each other:

  • Magnesium

To boost immune system:

  • Vitamin C

This is just a very short list and there are many other food supplements that may apply as well.

Please report back!

Replied by Sher
St. Paul, Mn

Can you make recommendations for amount of supplements to give a 8 pound Maltese? Just wondering what amounts to begin. Thanks