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Tick Prevention and Disease Treatment

Posted by I (BKK) on 12/05/2012

Hi Ted, The big problem we now have is ticks, my wife is removing hundreds from our dogs every day and spraying with a product called permedan which is a permethrin product made in BKK. with some success. Do you know of a good tick killer for on the dog, inside the dog and on the ground AND do you know of a treatment for tick disease where the dogs are showing systems similar to lyme disease, ie tired, no appetite, weak not themselves? Vets say early doses of antibiotics cure lyme disease but i would rather use a natural antibiotic - i dont know what is a natural antibiotic with the same or more power than antibiotics.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First thing, you cannot add honey it causes the immune system to be worse. Lemon and andrographis is fine. The ticks spread over the premises very quickly, they can live without a dog for a year. The reinfection is a problem. Spraying the entire premises and examining every single tick in a dog is a must, twice a day. Its almost impossible to control if the tick reinfects, but must be regularly sprayed, including the walls. Borax and hydrogen peroxide should be sprayed. The easiest way but not practical for the dog to survive the ticks is get the dogs to live in different places from the home for a 1 month and continue spraying the premises. This is the easiest way, and continued removal of ticks on dog and premises. If not possible you repeat that procedure. Hydrogen peroxide 1% and saturated borax, will also help. Excess permithrin in a dog, will cause dog to lose appetite and not eat, and thin away.