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Kittens with Ringworm Around Nose, Mouth and Eyes

Posted by Teri on 05/04/2008

I have 8 kittens with ringworm on there nose mouth and eyes. Going basically into there eyes. Can i use apple cider vinegar or iodine or lotrimin around the eyes? Should i feed them garlic and acp mixed with yogart or cottage cheese? thank you Teri. P.S. They are almost 3 months old. And they are medium short hair.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Using iodine solution or colorless iodine (sodium iodide and potassium iodide) would be a much safer choice. Yogurt and cottage cheese wouldn't work, and garlic might be toxic to cats. Apple cider vinegar or vinegar sometimes work, but if it is not ringworm, it might cause inflammation since vinegar is acid and can get into the cat's eyes. I prefer a much milder solution of 1% H2O2 in borax applied topically. That's because once they evaporated, the only remains is a small borax powder. Iodine might cause some irritation, although not much and can be rinsed if it did get into the cat's eyes.