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Borax for Parasites

Posted by Sandi (Mount View, HI) on 01/30/2007

Aloha Ted, I am trying your reply to Heather about using borax in water for parasites in dogs, and have been adding drops of black walnut in their water, too (alternating). Any other advice? One of my dogs is plagued with worms all the time, and is getting very thin. I have tried all of the vet medicines which is very costly and either doesn't work or doesn't work for long. She particularly has hook worms. My other female doesn't get it at all, and my male gets both hook worms and round worms, but is cured easily. Any insight for me? I am at a dead end! I would appreciate any advice! Thanks, Sandi in Hawaii

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes adding some neem oil mixed to the food also helps kill them by preventing egg laying. Consider adding both black walnuts and borax together using the same dose might help. The reason why it is not effective is the dirt in which the dogs walk on get reinfected. You need to get sanitize the grounds in which the dogs walk on, by spraying a solution of saturated borax and 1% hydrogen peroxide on the ground and dirt. Adding some bentonite to the drinking water will cause the hookworms to be dehydrated and die off or getting a lump of bentonite clays for the dog to lick on might help. Some dogs have a good instinct on licking a clump of clay. If clay are easy to find, consider putting some clay on the dirt and clean the dogs feces so they won't get reinfected. I found peppermint oil prevents laying of eggs of certain intestinal parasites, but not sure as the condition went away as quickly as it was given. The hormone from peppermint may disturb certain worms, but not sure.