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Posted by Elissa B. on 09/05/2008

Hi I am really hoping you can help me with my mares wound. It happened 5 months ago. She got caught in a barbwire fence and stripped her back legs. It has all nearly healed bar this one part which got proud flesh. We have bandaged it for months under the vets treatment and ended up having to take the bandage off as she was getting another wound due to the bandaging near the proud flesh wound and the vet feared it may become one huge wound. This meaning that the skin hadn't come together as much as any of us would have liked but we were between a rock and a hard place with what to do. Unfortunately she is a warmblood and hasn't been the quietest in the park. The wound has become big again, but no proud flesh, but I fear that the damage is too great and feel the vet is starting to think the same, and fear the skin is dying, meaning it may never heal. We are now gonna try her a month on box rest, which I do not think is going to go down well with her at all but I will have to persivere for as long as I can, but if it doesn't heal she will have to be destroyed. I just can't bear the thought of that. She is my black beauty dream horse, she is only five I have had her since she was 3, she isn't even fully broken yet, it jsut can't happen to her. I have decided to look for other medicines, herbal natural types and go that route and came across you through a google search. I have attached a picture of her wound.

Please help I will try anything to save her.
Elissa xxx

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Elissa:

The wounds need to be applied with a dressing of colloidal silver on the flesh wounds to prevent reinfection. The bandage can be soaked and dried with colloidal silver compound. For me the wounds is at its final stage of healing and some iodine, lugol's solution is needed to regenerate the wound. Once the wound is no longer flesh wound, that is no longer infected, I would apply a vaseline on top of that are to further the healing. Usually when wounds begin healing, silver is applied to prevent reinfection first. Then iodine is used to help regeneration and become an antiseptic. Then vaseline is applied to prevent new bacteria from entering the flesh wounds. Sometimes a silicone bandage that is commonly used in burned victims is needed to allow the skin to grow. The reason why it's not growing is the scar tissues that form and the delayed regeneration of the skin. Therefore wounds should be properly cleaned and cleanse with lugol's solution, before doing the other things, then silver, vaseline is applied and finally the bandage is covered. The key issue is the bandage isn't protecting new bacteria from being introduced. If that happens a silver soaked bandage may be too weak and I would likely soak the entire bandage of cloth with iodine lugol's solution, dry it up then wrap in the area discuss. Lavender oil is applied in outside area to prevent further access.

If you think the scar tissues is prevention the healing. The photographs in center did indeed show that in the dead center and surrounding area. After the cleansing with lugol's antiseptic solution is used, a vitamin E is applied to loosen the scar tissue. It would be nice to have aloe vera oil of some kind mixed with vitamin E or at least a cream as this will accelerate the regeneration. Those are applied thinly before the vaseline is applied on top of that to prevent reinfection. Until an iodine soaked cloth is well covered in the area to prevent new infection from being introduced.

I hope this information helps!


Replied by Elissa B.

hi thanks so much, it is coming along good now. i got an ointment called equaide and its working brilliantly still a piece to go but it's heading in the right direction.