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Malimute/husky with Vaccination Side Effects

Posted by Melissa on 05/21/2008

hi my name is melissa . i have a five month old alaskan malimute/ husky puppy. he had his two first series of shots on time then for his third ones about six hours later he stated to foam at the mouth twice within 20 minutes apart then bout four in half hours later he had a real bad seizure so i took him to the er vet he spent the nite he had anther at 615 that morn my vet stated him on phenobarbital at bout 11 this morn he hasent had one since but im scared. could there been an allergic reaction to the (rabies)shots he has been a very heathly active and smart little boy puppy. what could be wrong? thank u.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most rabies shots today has a very active virus, and other toxins that isolating it and finding what they add is difficult. The best way to detoxify is baking soda 1 teaspoon per 1/2 drinking water of water plus food grade hydrogen peroxide 30 drops. Most of the toxins and mercury are likely to be found more in human medicine than veterinary medicine, however I found adding some cilantro (10 leaves but twice a week) may help remove some heavy metals too. Perhaps taking a dog a bath using 1% food grade hydrogen peroxide may help as they are generally efffective in detoxifying most of the poisons by transdermal absorption in dogs. Most vaccinations used live rabies virus, while these live rabies virus may not be acitve, its toxins are never removed and if the vaccines is kept long enough, these virus metabolises more toxins, which might be one reason why they are also toxic. If an ozone generator is available, this also detoxify a lot of the toxins too, but taking a bath in
hydrogen peroxide 1% if usually the most effective way. If there is any residual toxins, I can always to the bentonite clay bath (clay mixed with water) and wait until dry for the clay to take out the toxins via skin of the dog. At least that worked in my friend after suffering extreme side effects from antibiotics which nearly destroyed the kidneys and also causing a very large swelling of face too. However the clay bath required a least three baths for it to work effectively. My experience with baking soda in children with epileptic seizures seems to stopped completely without any recurrence at all from the seizures, which is why I usually add baking soda remedy to stop such seizures.