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Kennel Cough or Flu in Dogs

Posted by I (Chiang Rai) on 12/01/2012

Hi Ted, My wife and I have quite a few dogs in Chiang Rai and they suffer from canine influenza and kennel cough especially the puppies. Its hard to tell the difference sometimes, but when puppies get full of water and mucous they cant shake it and often pass on. If we take them to the local vets they all die from pneumonia probably because they don't take a culture to see what kind of antibiotic to use, so they are not helped at all. What procedure would you recommend at the early stages of influenza and kennel cough to 'nip it in the bud' and also what would you suggest when they are full of fluids in their lungs and need to expel the fluids and take antibiotics? to prevent the onset of pneumonia? and if they have already reached the pneumonia stage. We have many friends who have lost their dogs and puppies to the 'flu' and it would be fantastic to see this stop. Thank you so much for the incredible amount of good you are doing!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If the dog is treated with lysine, zinc and N Acetyl cysteine, they should come out fine. The lysine is taken at 1/8 teaspoon every hour for four hours, mixed with 1/8 teaspoon of N Acetyl cysteine. The remedy should continue for 2 days. The zinc acetate is taken once at 1/16 teaspoon one time mixed with sodium thiosulfate, 2 crystals. The dog should come out fine after 2 days, but with the first 3 doses they should appear to look ok.