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Sneezing Kitty

Posted by LP on 10/15/2007

Hello. I have a 7 year old longhaired Tortoise shell Cat her name is Molly and for the last few days she has been sneezing a lot, she weighs about 14 lbs, I have checked her regularly to check for a fever and she doesn't appear to have one, I gave her a very small amount of Children's Tylenol, she is extremely congested and is not bothered about eating, she has however been drinking but is spending most of her time under the bed. She has sneezed out quite a bit of mucus from her mouth, and its clear, The vets in my neighbourhood, I have to say are extremely expensive, I spent $1800 on my sick kitten who died in my arms several hours later (this was about two years ago) One of my dogs got an eye injury and it cost me $700 for a couple of hours, I don't object to them making a living, however I do object to the excessive overcharging and emotionally challenging you when you question the estimate. I am English and have been living in Oceanside, San Diego for the last six years and have no trust in the three or four vets I have been too. I know that Molly feels miserable and she is usually an extremely healthy robust cat, Can the Apple Cider Vinegar help her with her cold and congestion . I look forward to a response, before I give in and take her to the vet and get fleeced for a few hundred dollars!!!!! Warm Regards.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Tylenol is poisonous to the cat, so do not give that! The liver of the cat cannot detoxify it. A sea salt 1 tablespoon in 1 cup of water plus a one half capful of hydrogen peroxide 3% mixed together and use this as a bath, applied to the body and head of the cat may help. The hydrogen peroxide can be added 3-6 drops 3% per one half liter of water. Those are some of the possibility.

Another way is to ozonate the room, which will kill off the fungus, which is a common cause of the cat to sneeze. If the room is stuffy or smell like mildew chances are this is what is causing the sneezing cat. A Bo-Beep ammonia floor cleaning, follow as per instruction to use as cleaning of the house and laundering of the bed the cat sleeps in may also help. Laundering requires a peroxide cleaner or a chlorinated cleaner to rid of the mildew.