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Dog with Open Boils

Posted by Steve (Houston, Texas)

We have two Dalmatian dogs, one female 11 years old, and one Male 8 years old. The female has a severe boil (back and behind the high side of the neck area) which has grown in size from a small marble to the size of a golf ball over a year's period. I would have liked to take her to the vet, but like we have observed on your website, the vet we have gone to appears to rely more on pushing expensive drugs that don't seem to work very well. I would like to see if we can get this problem under control before we take her back to him or any other vet if possible. We keep her as clean as possible, fleas are inevitable in the Houston, Texas area, and we have been successful in reducing their severity year round. This boil has erupted, and bleeds to excess sometimes, we keep it clean and covered when it does over the last month since it broke open and began bleeding. I can only give you what we see, and from her "few" past medical issues, this is the most severe condition we have encountered with her. I believe from what I have read on the earth clinic website you describe boils in two causes. Staph and or Yeast infections. I read that there are a few holistic remedies you have recommended to others on that website. Those include a Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax, "copper" sulfates and others that I don't recall at this moment. We currently have them both on a dry food diet, plenty of fresh water everyday, a cool, indoor environment and plenty of opportunities to relieve themselves when needed. They are eating Science Diet Lamb and Rice (small bites), and the occasional reward treats of Pedigree "Marrow Bones". I would like to see if you could be more specific on the use of these products either topically or internally and if I have the right products to begin with. I intend on keeping the area (boil) clean, washing it every morning and evening warm water rags and applying a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide to additionally keep the area clean and try and kill any bacterial infections that may arise while this boil is open like this. There are a few small holes on and around the boil that weep either blood or a clear fluid if the boil is disturbed. And one large open break on the top of the boil which is obviously the main source of concern.