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Tablets for Itchy Skin?

Posted by B

Can you recommend a brand that I could give to my dog? Just out of curiosity, would I add it to his food (he weighs approximately 20 -25 lbs. - a little fatty, ha, ha) or is it best just to spray it on him or wipe him with it? Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If a skin problem is indicated, a simple distilled Vinegar, no specific brand is needed. The White Distilled Vinegar is the common vinegar used for cooking.

I generally don't use Apple Cider Vinegar for skin application but I may add this to the dog's drinking water as a detox remedy, such as 5 tablespoon mixed in a dog's food or just pour it on him and he will lick it off anyway, but this seems to be a waste of good Apple Cider Vinegar if done that way. In general the positive effects of detox if White Distilled Vinegar can also be seen if the dog licks it off itself if it is poured onto his body, provided if he refuses to eat the food tainted with vinegar.

Just apply it on the body and the irritation should disappear, or itch. If not, then I might consider adding 10% of H2O2 to the vinegar solution, where the H2O2 added is about 3%. I often add baking soda 1/2 teaspoon per one liter of water as alkalinity does reduce some skin irritation in the long run.

If skin irritation does not reduce, milk of magnesia without the aluminum, applied to the skin will work within maximum of minutes, but my own experiences seem to work within seconds.

Sometimes dog get fat because of the pseudoestrogens found in all canned dog foods, as estrogens causes not just the dog to be fat, but humans as well. It is safer to just buy meats, or preferably chicken and some chicken liver and boil it and give it to the dog. Controlling the portion size will control the dog's weight too.