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Rotti with Severe Allergies

Posted by Missy on 07/01/2008

To Ted,
I am besides myself on how to care for my 7 1/2 yr old Hound, Rotti, whatever mix, he's a precious dog that I picked up from the Humane Society when he was 5 months. For the past few years now he has developed allergies & of course I've taken him to the vet & the first vet he was seen by gave him allergy shots, did a deep cleaning of his ears & he seemed to be fine for sometime. Then it came back w/a vengeance!! So off to a different vet who said he had yeast, fungus & they couldn't say what else until he was seen by a Dermatologist, which would have been an additional $500.00 or more. I decided to look in to natural remedies since that is what I do for my own health. Cosmo's issues are, his skin has turned black on his belly, he bites, scratches, chews & licks himself nonstop. The vet said he had what they refer to as elephant skin, & he seems to have developed dandruff flakes on the top of his head, which I perceive is due to the scabs that have formed on his head from all of the non stop scratching. He has scratched his face so badly that his eye has become swollen & he is losing almost all the hair around his eye & snout. I have began to give him the ACV w/some plain yogurt in his food, rub him down w/it as well, I've also began to rub him w/organic coconut oil. He is so full of scabs & he scratches nonstop that I don't know what to do to help him anymore. It is just breaking my heart to see my little guy suffering so much, do you have any advice that I might be missing?? I want him to feel like he did before all of this happened, which all started when we had a tick infestation. Although the ticks have been gone for about a year now, he is still a mess. Please help me!! I don't know amounts to give or perhaps a better diet etc, so if you can give me some help I would be much grateful!!

Thank you. Missy

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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What I do know is many food sources are that are now affecting even dog food, especially is the lack of omega 3. Therefore the addition of fish oil one capsule mixed in the food, along with some flaxseed oil may help. It will take about a week to see improvement. Dogs seem to respond to the fish oil/ flaxseed.

The addition of 1 teaspoon of baking soda in one half liter of drinking water may also help, will reduce the problem skin in a matter of hours. This is used only when there is a skin problem, a longer term maintenance issue is the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per liter of water. A more powerful remedy is the 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in one liter of drinking water, but because I used less here, its effect in improvement maybe gradual.

If things is not working out as planned, due to non-nutritional causes, then I would try the borax and peroxide remedy, unrinsed. It has some antiviral properties. This would handle the fungus issue and parasite causes on skin.

Replied by Debra
East Hanover, USA

Try using Witch Hazel, my roommate has a Pit Bull which had the same problems to what your dog has. Try to dab his fur with some Witch Hazel every two to four hours. I used this rememdy on the Pit Bull and know his fur has healed up and helped with the smell that was coming off his body. Also try to add some brewers yeast tablets to his diet.