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Removal Options?

Posted by Jennifer (Florida) on 09/28/2007

Hi Ted and company, Is there any way to remove xanthomas caused by high cholesterol? I have several largish ones on my eyelids and at the corner of my eye. They are very noticable and unattractive but the doctors won't remove them. Iodine does not seem to help, neither does ACV. Please help! Self consciousness is extremely high now and I hate to go out in public.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jennifer: Once xanthomas become visible the removal by natural means become a very slow process. Avoiding oysters and seashells will reduce the cholesterol. They are actually the major cause of cholesterol because everytime I see people eat this the cholesterol LDL goes way off the charts. Avoiding vegetable oils and fried food is the other one.

However, it may be helpful to take one tablespoon of granulated lecithin along with every meals. The cholesterol will be reduced in the blood and hopefully the xanthoma will reduce that way. The other I believe is to take three times a week dose of vitamin B complex. It takes about 2 months more to noticed some change in visible reduction of xanthoma, again it is hard to say with exactness.

Replied by Sudipta Chatterjee
Kolkata, India

Hi team,

I m facing the same problem.... is there any treatement to remove the xanthomas ?? Please advice..



Replied by Vickie

I had xantholasma 3 years ago, had them surgically removed and they are returning. I have been taking lecithin and b vitamino daily for 6 months and they have returned in spite of that. I do not have high cholesterol.

Replied by Wen

LDL is not cholesterol, it carries cholesterol through the blood. Cholesterol is the only cholesterol. HDL is also just a carrier. None of them is bad, and levels of any do NOT indicate heart attack/disease risk. LDL = low density LIPOPROTEIN HDL = high density LIPOPROTEIN Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipoprotein