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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/27/2012 383 posts

Regarding West Nile Virus, the remedy I would use to treat West Nile is the same remedy as should be used for most viruses. The reason why the virus is eliminated is simple: they need sugar and if the body's sugar is high, the virus attacks you. So basically, a malaria remedy would do it too: methylene blue 0.1% given hourly at 5 to 10 drops. Vitamin C may also help. Most supplements would work where the resultant effect is to lower the blood sugar.

A virus attacks the immune system. The body then responds with cortisol, for example, which causes the blood sugar to be high. So lysine has a direct effect on blood sugar by lowering that, but its effect lasts only one hour, so it must be taken hourly, until the blood sugar is normal. So you need at least three hours to see improvements. Zinc acetate and zinc gluconate have the same effect, but only antivirally not on the body's blood sugar. But zinc is taken once, while lysine is taken hourly. As for how long does it usually take to kill the virus, if taken hourly for four hours twice a day, for three days, the West Nile Virus or any virus should be eliminated (mostly) by the third day.

As far as methylene blue 0.1% is concerned, it works by increasing the oxygen to the blood which kills them that way. Iodine works by being antiviral, but is less effective if take orally. It needs another element for iodine to be effective, which is basically lithium chloride, 10% with 10% potassium iodide solution. This produces fewer side effects than the usual SSKI (by lower concentration) or Lugol's iodine (pure iodine produces more side effects).

Home Remedy Treatment: The methylene blue 0.1% is preferably used together with vitamin C. The latter can be taken hourly for at least 4 doses during the day, such as 500 mg vitamin C ascorbic acid or preferably sodium ascorbate and 0.1% methylene blue at 5 to 10 drops per hour for 3 to 4 hours, once a day. Twice a day is too much, but if the person has weaknesses then it may be continued longer, on the understanding that it may cause sleeplessness.

Replied by Sue
Sutton, Nebraska, Usa

Ted, I need to better understand your home remedy for West Nile Virus. First, what is methylene blue 0.1% and where would I purchase it; Second, what, if anything, do I put the 5-10 drops of it in to take it? Third, on the Vit. C 500 mg. ascorbic acid, that is taken hourly at least 4 doses/day, is that hourly for 4 hours/day total, or is that hourly for (fill in the blank) hours 4 X/day? And if one has had symptoms for 8 days already (and is waiting for the test results) is it too late to try this remedy? Thank you for your help.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Stewie... Ted's West Nile virus cure is as follows:

Supplements that kill the virus

0.1% Solution of Methylene Blue -- Dosage: taken every hour at 5 - 10 drops per hour 4 times a day in total. The Methylene Blue is always combined and taken with vitamin c that is already dissolved in water(500mgs vit c per dose). This combined vitaminc/Methylene Blue remedy can be taken up until about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. MB energizes your body due to its methylation effects, so if you take the hourly dosages beyond 3 pm then you may find it difficult to sleep later in the evening. So take one dose of MB/Vitamin C every hour only 4 times a day (in the morning is best). You can find Methylene Blue at any aquatics store -- MB is also used to remove fungal/bacterial infections in fish.

To help reduce sugar in the body

Take 500 mgs lysine every hour for four hours and do this twice a day. So, during the day, as an example, take the lysine hourly from 8 am to 12 pm in the afternoon and then take lysine hourly from 6 pm to 10 pm at night. That is is a total of 8 doses in all and is your daily dose.

To boost immune system

One dose of 25mgs to 50 mgs of zinc acetate per day day

Source: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/West-Nile-Virus.html

Ted mentions that using above protocol should eliminate the WN virus in about 3 days.

Replied by Trickles

Hi Bill, thanks for all your prompt and clarifying responses. Ted, God bless. Immense thanks to you all. Ted suggested 4 home remedies for the treatment of virals: "So for treatment of West Nile or Malaria, I think hydrogen peroxide, iodine, vitamin C and methylene blue 0.1% are valuable home remedies, " are these remedies to be tried together all at the same time in fighting the infection or each represents an alternative? Of each, what is the appropriate dosage and duration application? What is the most effective way of taking iodine considering what Ted says that "Iodine also works by being antiviral, but is less effective if taken orally"?

Replied by Wayseeker
Modesto, Ca/ Usa

As I understand it, ALL viruses respond beautifully to a good sized amount of a certain kind of Vit-C. The kind that is most beneficial that I have found is lyposhperic vit C by a Dr. Levy, although there may be others I don't know about.

This is especially significant, because there are so few things to treat viruses besides Vit. C. I would not just use over-the-counter C though, expecting results, as too little is actually absorbed. Doctors use shots of it to skip the stomach absorbtion issue. That's what is so great about this stuff-- good as a shot, nearly, or so tests say. --T