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Child with Severe Weight Loss

Posted by Ellen (Zion, Illinois) on 08/07/2008

i need some info?? my granddaughter started to lose weight this summer 128# to now 94 we have had to allkinds od dotors no going to bioenergy to see if they can find out what is going on ?? HELP ME IF YOU CAN ??!! thank you in advance.....she was very atheltic runner, baseball last few years,, could this be from stress ?? [her dad {my son}is going to go over seas AGAIN.....they have tried stomache priscriptios, serveral other trying to find what will help but nothing is helping 'cause they do not know what this is. any tests you will consoder?? anything we could try... in this last week she went from 98 #to 94# PLEASE WE NEED THIS HELP..........

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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This depends what is causing the weight loss. Is the weight loss due to loss of appetite? Most cases of anorexia, bulimia and even cachexia found in cancer that resulted in severe weight loss were actually due to a simple vitamin B complex deficiency, usually in the form of B complex, in the form of B50 or B100. A B50 is often taken two to three times a day. For instance, in some cases of pellagra, you get a diarrhea, then a severe weight loss, diarrhea, dementia and finally death. A pellagra is a niacin or niacinamide deficiency. Most athletes have a low level of water soluble vitamin deficiency such as B complex and vitamin C as well as electrolytes from losses resulted in sweating and had to be replenished constantly.

In another cases a virus (such as AIDS), brain trauma (from head injury) can resulted in a weight loss. In that event circulation and rebuilding of neural system is needed, such as piracetam and hydergine. If its a viral issue, that attacks the brain I frequently used BHT and clove oil. The BHT is antiviral and kills whatever bugs that exists through the blood brain barrier. The clove oil drops is taken every hours dissolved in a 1/2 or 1 glass of water well stired for ten doses usually will kill most of the bugs enough to see a clear recovery. In another instance, I may need an iodine and selenium supplements to reverse that condition.

In event of a kidney malfunction (occurs because of acid urine), synthesis of vitamin D might be lowered and resulted in muscle atrophy and usually vitamin D2 usually 20,000 i.u to 100,000 i.u. is at least taken for about 2 or 3 weeks before muscles start returning to normal.

In any event, I have no idea of the cause, from this information, however, there is another way to find out from another source, such as heavy metal poisoning, through the hair mineral analysis. Another one that I liked is the SPECT brain scan which checks for brain's metabolism. In any event even before going, I would try to use amino acid supplements which may help too.

In general my experience has been the B complex, amino acid suppelements and vitamin D if a severe weight loss and muscle atrophy is noted. However, that's assuming the cause is nutrition, but brain trauma, heavy metal toxicity, and virus could be the other cause. Therefore it is not possible for me to determine clearly the cause from the lack of available information you have asked here. What I can guess is doctors don't generally look at nutrition deficiency as Medical schools offer nutrition course as an elective subject and not a required topic (at least that was during my student days), the popular CAT scans are not even sensitive enough to check for brain metabolism as the more efficient SPECT scans, and viral brain detection or brain trauma from changes in metabolism would have been overlooked by doctors too. Hair mineral analysis is not employed by doctors to check for 50-75 minerals in the body for toxicity and deficiency. So it is quite possible that the many of current medical practices do not do many of the things I mentioned here. Therefore I need just a bit more information on appetite, low grade fever, heavy metal toxicity and brain trauma using SPECT scans to really do justice. But most general home remedy I do use is usually the B complex and vitamin D3, in event of loss of appetite and muscle atrophy.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn

Hello Ellen, I understand your concern and hope we can find the solution for your granddaughters weight loss. Does your granddaughter perhaps forget to eat unless someone reminds her? If this looks like what is happening to you, please take her to a good neurologist and ask that he do a scan to rule out Alzeheimer's disease, no matter how young she is. This is a chilling thought, but the latest report is that AD is much more widespread and striking those in their 30's without any family history of it. This is a big change from what we were told 2 years ago (age 60's & 70's). Two excitotoxins blamed for causing it(monosodium glutamate and aspartame) are found in some raw foods and in most all of our processed food on the market. According to Dr. Mercola's web site they have even been spraying the crops in the field with a product that is mostly MSG for at least the past decade. The way this could cause weight loss is if these neurotoxins (excitotoxins) have damaged the area of the brain that signals that we are hungry or that we have had enough to eat. If this should prove to be the problem, there is some hope. Supposedly chelation therapy is used to remove the toxins, but you would also have to eliminate them from her food in the future. May God bless both you and your granddaughter.