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Remedies Not Working

Posted by Perry (Shanghai, China) on 02/06/2007

I found Earth Clinic 4 months ago and felt excited at the easy method to cure warts. I had the annoying warts for about 2 years. But the total number has climbed to more than 20. According to the listed instruction, I took the peel secured on the warts with band-aid on it every night (for about 8 hours). After 4 days, the warts turned brown or even black. However, I found the warts were still black after practising this for one month. So I chose to quit at that time. Two months I decided to take on the remedy again but get the same result so far. Moreover, I found some new and small warts are turning out! I am not sure it's related to the banana remedy or the warmer weather here. I wonder anyone once has the similar problem and I need the help. Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Perry: Not all natural therapies work because the organism inside the warts are different. A rather broad spectrum killing of warts I would prefer to use is" hydrogen peroxide 1% applied directly to the warts for about 1-3 minutes then, this is followed by 50% tea tree oil and 50% lavender oil soaked with a small cotton balls. The bandage is then taped over it overnight and you repeat the entire steps again with hydrogen peroxide, then tea tree oil and lavender lavender for at least two to three weeks for warts to at least be reduced. If the above simple methods don't work we may need to go for a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide at 3% which may sting a bit. If the warts do have a presence of fungus then you may need to add a saturated borax to the 1% hydrogen peroxide before application. Whichever the case, if this remedy do not work as well within 1-3 days try to increase the hydrogen peroxide slowly to 2% then 3%. You should not go beyond 3% as the 3% is already too strong anyway. For most applications, I think a reasonable concentration is 1.5%.