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Tickle in Throat That Causes Her to Vomit

Posted by Kristy on 01/04/2007

My sister in law in feeling quite hopeless. She has been getting this tickle in her throat with a little fluid that causes her to vomit. She says she vomits apx. 29 times a month. Her doctors tell her its IBS but she has no gastrointestinal symptoms and the treatment doesn't help. Do you have any idea what might be causing her vomiting? She seems pretty desperate. I'm concerned about her. Thanks for your help, Kristy

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Quite often excessive vomiting is a condition of vitamin B complex deficiency. Get a good vitamin B complex. Sometimes, it is specific such as she needs magnesium chloride, or vitamin B5, or B8. It is a mild form of anorexia that the doctors have as yet to officially name this condition.

A good antidote against a yet unidentified poisons, I used to treat is apple cider vinegar or just plain vinegar. Personally I think distilled vinegar works better, but they work equally well for most people whether they be ACV or distilled vinegar.

It is the the acetic acid portion, I think neutralizes certain poisons. So taking a 1/2 tablespoon of vinegar should do it. Within minutes the body will expell the toxins, whatever they are and vomit them out, even for a long term condition! After that the problems should go away if the condition is an unknown poisons of course. The of course you can neutralize the poisons by just taking a bath in pure vinegar. The vinegar will detox most of the poisons in the skin and detox the entire body quite quickly. Ted