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Posted by A. (Usa) on 11/23/2014

Dear Ted,

First of all I would like to thank you for your generosity of spreading so much 'healthy' information on Earth Clinic and furthermore for taking the time to read this e-mail.

I'll make this short:

I am a 39year-old alpinist, plenty of climbing, 20Km and more of trail running weekly, the gym and swimming are part of my activities, however I developed varicose veins (hereditary perhaps) and have passed also due to a PhD thesis the last years sitting a lot in front of a computer reading and writing, which must have aggravated or triggered my inclination.

My varicose veins are not bulging or anything really advanced, just blue veins, no ulcers ... and obviously troubled circulations in the back of my left knee and calf, and occasionally painful by now.

When visiting the doctor for an eco doppler prescription, I was prescribed Calcium Dobesilate pills (500mg per capsule twice daily), and a cream containing: 1 gr. Aescin (Horse Chestnut) and 5 gr. Diethylamine Salicylate and I must admit I was actually even happy that my doctor agreed in my continuing to take Wobenzym N (enzyme therapy), which I had already started voluntarily way before my visit, due to researching the Internet; it seemed that he prescribed a more or less "natural compromise".

The doctor's Calcium Dobesilate pills replaced my natural approach which was considered too weak: based on herbal supplements such as Horse Chestnut, Gotu Kola, Red Vine-leaf, Butcher's Broom etc.

When coming across your post as seen in attachment to this e-mail on Calcium I became quite worried, especially since after 3 weeks of taking my new pills I am actually experiencing pain in the left leg (stings and cramp-like short period pain) which is the only one with varicosity, and actually a worsening of my condition though it's not much visible but felt, ... and although I go for long walks and do everything for my circulation; I.e. Cayenne, fresh Garlic, Ginger, 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic Demeter Quality) and 1 Lemon + 1/8 teaspoon Sodium Bicarbonate with a fibre rich diet and keep well hydrated with 2 Liters of water daily.

Obviously after long and fast walking the veins disappear almost or are very little visible, yet occasionally still painful.

Is Calcium Dobesilate perhaps similar to Calcium intake?

Now I am thinking of adding the following to which I ask your advice, which if you approve as a good combination, I will post on Earth Clinic as well, as it is based on weeks of reading and cross-referencing websites:

Nattokinase: 1 capsule daily 2000FU
Pycnogenol (OPC 99High): 1 capsule 430mg daily
Vitamin C: 1gr. daily, in addition to the 3-4 different fruits I eat
Vitamin E (400UI/10mcg): 1 capsule daily
Zinc 50mg: 1 capsule daily

Any advice or thoughts on Calcium Dobesilate or the combination mentioned above, are more than welcome and obviously without any responsibility on your part whatsoever!

Thanking you in advance for your kind efforts, I look forward in hearing from you ... no matter how short the reply might be due to time restrictions and remain with,


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

I haven't gone to explaining the blood viscosity and blood fats that leads to circulatory problems in relation to what you eat. I have experience three separate cases in which blood clots or lack of circulation. One is not my clients but was in the Thai news, she died from eating grilled food everyday. Upon autopsy the polymerized fats led to her early death. She was in her 20s. The other similar case happens to be my clients. Upon analysis there was lack of circulation caused by eating fried foods and grilled food. She reported extreme headaches, difficulty seeing, difficulty walking, and extreme nausea all caused by very sticky blood and polymerized oil in her blood vessels. I gave her things to break some of polymerized oil with EDTA, cellulase, pancreatin, and lipase. It took 3 days to recover a deadly ordeal. These can clog the capillaries. The other is a Canadian who have blood clots in leg caused by eating chocolates yes the dark 90% cocoa that you think it is safe. That was his only sin. The pain was so bad he was in bed for 3 days. On third day he called me and the major remedy was only oral EDTA. But also NAC, lysine and taurine. He was able to walk in 30 minutes and wihin 3 days his clot on leg disappeared within 3 days tested by Bamrungrad Hospital. Doctor could not believe it the clot disappeared. In another case was an Australian which I know comes from taking too much flax oil and the clot was in headaches and caused blindness again it was stopped within 30 minutes with EDTA and zeolite. There was interesting case of near blind woman who I helped a year ago. Interestingly her blindness is from eating chocolate and cheese because her boyfriend was Swiss. By avoiding these and go for vegetarian diet, vitamin c, EDTA, vinegar, lysine and vitamin E 200 iu her vision is restored.


Replied by Lou
San Francisco, Ca

Ted, you indicated that taking too much flax oil also caused clots, can you please quantify, what is considered too much flax oil?? The reason for asking is that I take Budwig Diet and take 2 tablespoon Flax seed oil with 5 table spoon of cottage cheese, blended to form an emulsion.

Thank You

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

Usually flaxseed mixed with cottage cheese is fine. Cottage cheese is a fat emulsifier. The problems appear when people take flaxseed alone at 1/2 teaspoon a day. Ted

Replied by Andreas B.

Ted's post on 11/23/2014

"EDTA, Cellulase, Pancreatin, Lipase, NAC, Lysine, Taurine, Zeolite."

How is a layman supposed to understand how to proceed based on these substances?? This is very frustrating.

In my humble opinion, a simple and easy to understand list of substances with dosages and application would have been better and perhaps more helpful.

Replied by Mary

On behalf of the myriad of people who Ted has helped, please don't be rude with him. His remedies work and he is very generous with his time and expertise.

Replied by Anon
Sacramento, Usa

I agree with that. how much did you pay Ted for taking his time to dispense his FREEEEE advise? how rude of you. :)

Replied by Maura
Chevy Chase, Md

Andreas, just go to a health food store and ask the folks there or go on line. Also for varicose veins try garlic, ginger, lemons, magnesium glycerinate (400 to 800 mg per day). For the garlic, just soak, overnight, a clove of chopped garlic in juice of half a lemon and next day add it to warm soup or eat it straight. Maybe make gazpacho with it. In order to make the ginger more palatable, just add a thin penny size slice of it to a thin slice of crystalized ginger. Eat as much of this as you like. It cured my sciatica and I haven't had to eat more since over a week ago. It tastes great, I just have been busy with work, etc. Ginger is just good overall for cleaning up circulatory problems. I haven't tried Ted's remedy for varicose veins but I think he knows a lot. I think Mercola wrote about EDTA. Maybe check that out.