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Polio Vaccination and Seizures

Posted by Z (India) on 07/29/2012

good evening Ted, My son is progressing well. just to recap about his condition, he has mild mental retardation, with spasm on his hands and legs. He is getting better at academics, though his behaviour remains the same, the biting has stopped, but the anger, pinching etc hasn't reduced much. but i feel some improvement is better than nothing. I have started giving alot of coriander leaves and apples, so my daughter has progressed a bit from her previous conditions of infrequent seizures. it has reduced quite a bit , especially with regards to food. she is eating better but stil not putting on much weight , she is 2 years but still weighs on ly 10 kilos. I have 2 questions with regards to my daughter:

1. i stopped vaccinating her after her first birthday, especially because i didn't want to her to face the problems her brother faces, who has been vaccinated completely till 3.5 years of age. i am currently in india, and many people here put vaccination for polio as its something that many children seem to have here due to insanitary issues and filthy living conditions. i am scared my daughter may get polio if i don't vaccinate her. is it alright for her to have this vaccination, as just now some of her seizures have reduced or should i delay it till five years of age?

2. i couldnt find magnesium chloride in dubai and cant seem to find it in india. is there any pharmaceutical company that you may know of that will courier it to me in india?

sorry for the questions, but the vaccinations are something EACH n every doctor in india prescribes and all doctors here are surprised and shocked that i haven't give necessary injections to my daughter yet. i'm getting worried.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There are many polio vaccines out there, but the risk is higher of the daughter having the same fate as her brother if she does the vaccinations. In other words your risk of seizures is higher than the polio. There are polio medicines that prevent polio, by using homeopathic preparation for those who do not wish to do vaccines. There are other means such as looking at the brands of vaccination that does not have the thimerosal (methyl mercury) in their vaccinations. Again the risk of seizures is high and she may get more seizures and meet the same fate if you do the same vaccinations as the brother is the key. It is well known that thimerosal causes neurological damage in veterinary animals. It makes no direct mention in human medicine, but the evidence is there nevertheless, if people bother to do human nerve culture dish and put vaccinations there, the nerve damage is obvious, Coriander [chinese parsley or cilantro] is a good detox of heavy metals, but N acetyl cysteine is a good detoxifier, but cannot be the effervescent kind as it has aspartame, and causes neurological damage, as it is an excitotoxin. So get pure powder or capsules. Manufacturing standards in pharmaceuticals do not require to label aspartame as it is a favoring agent, putting more risk to the customers, but they do require in certain soft drinks, but they too are seeking non disclosure of aspartame being added. There are red and yellow food coloring causes neurological damages too, so be careful of those too.

To increase her appetite try B50 b complex, that usually works by normalizing the liver, and N acetyl cysteine, capsules or powdered (non effervescent). There is a sound therapy I am working on during the sleep and helps calm the nerves and regrow nerves, it uses 2.0 Hz as a background sound played during the sleep. But the vaccinations may also contain contaminants of other viruses in the polio that may effect neurological symptoms such as spastic condition just the same, and that the pharmaceuticals is not required to label it either. You can look into youtube, search the word Merck sv 40, or google to get some of the idea.