Posted by Thracia (Decatur, Il) on 11/11/2009

Hi Ted, I have been paralyzed for fifteen years and was prescribed Diacepam (Valium), and I was on it for eight years. Then I was put on Cipro for about a year off and on from constant UTI's from my catheter.Then Diflucan for the yeast infection Cipro gave me. Then I stopped using it and my pain was more than I can hardly take. My doctor now believes that I have Fibromyalgia (I am in more pain in my back, hips, and shoulders than I know what to do with). Also he said I have osteoperosis and arthritis. Now they have me on Gabapentin (Norotin) and Baclofin for spasms. I have no idea what has fluoride and which ones do not. I have read so many types of borax or boron stories that I'm scared to take it. My mom got me the 20 Mule Team Borax Natural Laundry Booster and I plan to take it with 1/8 teaspoon and 1/8 teaspoon sea salt with 1 liter of warm water. Is that correct and does any of the medicine above contain fluoride so I know whether I need to stop taking it? Is there any muscle relaxers that do not contain fluoride? Part of being paralyzed is dealing with them. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks, Thracia

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Dear Thracia:

Borax mule team is generally used in the U.S. and it is far more scary to use fluoride and it's also ubiquitous.

The UTI remedy I generally deal with is simply 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt, in one warm cup of water, empty stomach, single dose. If the UTi is a tough one, then in 3 hours I take another one. Usually a single dose does it, it hardly needs a second dose.

As to which drugs contain fluoride, I would google the name of the drugs and see if the chemical structure, has fluoride in it. The letter F is often used and is available in most wikipedia, when showing it. An example of one medicine, well known is Prozac. As in this link : On that page, the chemical structure is shown as CF3. The F is a fluoride. the full chemical name is RS N methyl 3 phenyl 3 -(4-(trifluoromethyl) phenoxy) propan-1-amine. The fluor name is a fluoride. The chemical formula is C17H18F3NO. The F3 in that is fluoride.

This is an example of how to stop a fluoride chemicals hidden in these drugs. They tend to accumulate in the brain. My approach has been alway borax, because it is well tolerated, free of side effects, under normal use. The dose is 1/8 teaspoon of borax mixed in a liter of drinking water for a low dose.

The UTI is something of a priority, hence the sea salt remedy. If the sea salt doesn't work, even on two dose (I have no reported of any that say it doesn't work) Then there's two options, either I take xylitol, two teaspoon plus a sea salt, taken in separately 20 minutes apart, xylitol is taken first, wait 30 minutes, followed by a sea salt. A pure xylitol can be substituted with mannose, or mannitol. They work the same, but may require about 2 teaspoon. A good muscle relaxers for me is always magnesium supplements. As to regular drinking water of 1/8 teaspoon each, sea salt and borax. That's a low dose and is usually well tolerated. As to problems of paralysis, sometimes it helps to drink 2 drop of 0.1% methylene blue twice a day to help regenerated the nerves to reduce some paralysis problems along with twice a week vitamin B complex, and a low dose hyaluronic acid 30 mg. The hyaluronic acid is best absorbed with the drinking water that has a sea salt, otherwise is poorly absorbed. It helps normalize hydration levels of the body. I will be using more of that, perhaps in the near future in keeping the body's hydration normal. Present use in community is for arthritis, but I find the hydration levels are far more important for general healing condition than just arthritis or osteoporosis condition.

Other things to consider in lowering fluoride, includes tamarind, and iodine Lugol's solution. The dose is low, but is taken with vitamin C to allow better bioavailability. it's mixed with vitamin C in water 500-1000 mg, with just one drop of lugols in a cup of water, before sleep, as this thing makes people sleepy. Although I can reverse the effect with methylene blue, if that's taking during the morning hours and sleep is not desired. The iodine helps rid of accumulation of bromine, fluorine so that the body's immunity will be normalized. Iodine is countraindicated if a person is taking thyroxine as iodine helps the body produce it's own thyroxin, without the need for external supplements, which more ore less is a synthetic chemical. Spasms will be reduced with magnesium supplements, magnesium citrate 500 mg a day or twice a day. If it's magnesium chloride it's taken on empty stomach. Calcium is often the cause of spasms as it induces muscle contraction, while magnesium does the opposite. Potassium helps slow down and relaxes, while Sodium helps contract and speed things up. A potassium supplement or alkalization supplement, it's taken on an empty stomach after meals 2 hours twice a day 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate, in a cup of warm water. It's ideal to keep sodium levels steady and hence, why i find sea salt being important, however, a sea salt cannot be mixed with baking soda, as it has laxative effect, but I also used this mix, as a way of reducing constipation, and detoxification.

The pain in various areas of the body is often caused by two conditions, one is low magnesium, the other is the body is acid. Hence, magnesium is taken to help reduce muscle pain by relaxing the muscles naturally without artificial chemicals, and alkalization will help reduce the pain as pain is actually when the body is acid, bought on by poor circulation. Hence the alkaline remedy will neutralize the acid. This is just a basic remedy and should deal with most of the conditions mentioned.


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Thank you so much for your advise. I plan to go shopping for these items and get started on them very soon. I will keep you posted on my results. I apologize for writing you the same question twice. I just hadn't been able to locate it until now. Thanks again, Thracia

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Hello.. I too have FM for decades, along with CF. TOOK ME YEARS and years and I did find low dose naltrexone and it did help me been on it for 12 years, once a day 2.5 mg. Hard to get a Dr to prescribe, but I did find one finally. ALSO BLADDER issues, I found for me, it was oxalate foods that accumulated in my bladder like glass shards. I would suggest adding some Oxalate groups like on Facebook, I hate Facebook but I used to be in that group and between that and my own research with all I read in the group helped me. Recently I found out that I am not only full of oxalate but also have histamine issues. Doing a diet of Fatty Meat, low carb veg, very low oxalate vegs helped me see that I was highly sensitive to many things. GLUTEN for one, Potatoes too, high in oxalate. Avocados, garlic too, very high in histamines. Doing some fast research and see what you can eat for a few weeks. makes a difference when I keep way from offending foods. GOOD LUCK