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Posted by B. (Anon, Anon) on 05/25/2011

Hi Parhatsathid!

After trying many, many treatments recommended on earth clinic (i.e.,medicated shampoo, borax, ACV, ect.) I continue to suffer with a severe case of Tinea Versicolor. It has plagued me for over 5 years now and seems to increasingly get worse. It is beyond troublesome and embarrassing and has now spread from my toroso to my back, up my chest and is now making it's way up my neck and into my hairline. I continue to use the borax solution, wash my clothes in the borax solution and apply coconut oil for dryness and all to no avail. Twice now, I have visited family on the California coast where the beach was within 5-10 minutes (I live in Burbank, CA which is about 30 minutes from the nearest beach). Each time I visit the coastal area the Tinea Versicolor immediately improves by 75% and my skin isn't anywhere near as flakey or red as when I arrived. I'm at a loss for solutions and do not want to revert to pharmaceuticals - is there any direction you can point me in to alleviate my symptoms (besides moving)? With much gratitude for your time!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It seems as if your tinea versicolor responds to UV light. Obviously there could be some factor of mycoplasma that is killed with the tinea, but doesn't respond to boron, or the borax solution. Did you apply borax with a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide to skin? If assuming you are not responding to either of these, and you did respond to sunlight, there's two solutions: One is vitamin D3, 20,000 i.u. that's similar to amount of sun exposure dosage, or vitamin D2, 20,000 i.u. with some magnesium, but without calcium. Calcium the fungus responds to this. The other is get a light suntan through a UV light and see if you respond. If these you don't respond, I have to look along methylation, which is folic acid, B12, B2 and trimethylglycine. If a person is under methylated blood test will show above 10 instead of the usual 6-10 for homocysteine. You can request a homocysteine blood test if you want.


Replied by Elle
Cc, Fl

Is this sufferer from Tinea Versicolor swimming in the ocean? There are some people who say the ocean salt water helps.

Replied by Mark
Honolulu, Hi

Try taking 2 tablespoons of colloidal silver a day for 6 weeks. It has been effective in treating other skin bacterial infections.

Replied by Elle
Cc, Florida

I tried lathering Selsun Blue shampoo on entire body for 15 mins once daily for 2 weeks... No relief. I tried the same with 1% Nizoral shampoo... No relief. I tried coconut oil on entire body.. Skin was softened but still itching like crazy. Then I tested 3% hydrogen peroxide on forearms to just see.... It burned some, but I left it on for a couple minutes as long as I could stand it and then rinsed it off with water. The itching stopped. The dead skin flakes inside the white spots dissappeared. I tried wetting my whole body in the shower leaving some water on my skin and pouring the hydrogen peroxide to upper half of body , wait as long as you can stand the burning (2-3 mins. ) rinse off throughly. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse. Then do the same to lower half of body. The burning may be overwhelming if you do the whole body at once. After this procedure one time, 95% of the itching stopped. I waited 3 days and then did it again. I think I have found a solution. The itching stopped. Use a loofa to get rid of the dead skin flakes. The tinea versicolor fungus eats dead skin and oil. I bathe with Tea Tree Oil skin wash 5% pharmaceutical grade. Wash sheets and towels with borax in hot water. Sleep naked to let skin breathe. Keep skin dry. Cut out sugar, yeast, gluten, alcohol, smoking, as much as possible. Drink lots of water. Praise be to God.

Replied by Anon

Don't use coconut oil on your skin! tinea is a fungus, which feeds primarily on our skins oils. this is why your tinea is spreading so dramatically, you are literally feeding the fungus daily!

Replied by Lady
San Fracisco, Ca

Coconut oil contains caprylic acid which is a strong antifungal that kills yeast.

Replied by Patrick
Vancouver, Bc

Use versel lotion as directed, though use it for 20days and put on a clean shirt and use a different towel every days. Most importantly use the anti-bacterial cycle on your dryer or high heat on dryer to dry your shirts and towels every day and us clean ones each day. I had it for 10 years. This surprisingly worked for me, I hope it works for you. Patrick (let me know how it goes). The drying thing is the one thing nobody told me about. It seems that the fungus can survive in your clothes and towels if you don't do this.

Replied by Lauren
New York, Ny

hi there! I appear to have tinea versicolor on my chest, back and up my neck.

I've tried ACV, have taken the anti-candida med lufeneron and not experienced any physical die-off symptoms. Is it possible to have ONLY the skin infection?

Mine is the same as the poster who says that it goes away at the sea... I have seen little correlation to diet and an INTENSE anti-fungal protocol (GSE, pau d'arco, oregano oil, raw garlic) and MUCH improvement when I go to the beach (I do swim in the ocean).

I'm going to try listerine (my little brother has it and swears it works) topically, sunbathing during the middle of the day for a bit (even though I am super pale), and baking soda.

Thanks for all these posts.

Replied by Amanda
Deming, Nm

My husband has this and I'm searching for any tips to get rid of it. The ocean posts have me curious. The only thing I can think of is magnesium in salt water. You can recreate this in non-coastal areas with epsom salt baths or magnesium oil.

Replied by Cara

Hi, this is very interesting to me. I have had this for years myself, ever since I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania (over a decade now, but within last 5 years it has spread from one tiny spot I had on my chest to my entire body.) I thought it had something to do with sweating a lot, which is unavoidable in Florida. My skin improved drastically almost to the point of being completely better after being in cooler, drier weather in Colorado for the fall months. I appreciate this thread, as I have learned I need to not wear clothes more than once...Does that mean I can't sleep on the same sheets more than once either!? I have already realized coconut oil on the skin makes it infinitely worse although it's antifungal. Luckily mine doesn't itch, but I look like a reverse leopard. I tried Selsum Blue multiple times, and ACV. There's a product online called Haole Rot Spray from Hawaii which I have used a few times. It works, but it's expensive, and has never allowed me to fully eradicate this affliction. I believe exfoliating has helped me greatly, however if I am assuming correctly here my exfoliating gloves could be trapping the bacteria and redistributing it? Anything helps! Thanks!