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Child W/ Tick Bite Needs Immune Support

Posted by AB (Anon) on 09/12/2012

Dear Ted, I have recently started to take a different approach about my health and have become a frequent visitor of earthclinic for various reasons, of course anyone who has visited the site knows your fame on the site. I know that you are always trying to come up with newer better cures, cures that actually work especially with the unrelenting requests you get from EC readers for help. I am turning to you as a desperate father of a 2.5 year old beautiful little girl. Last week we found a tick on her and are now in shambles from the unknown, from the bombardment of information available, from patients complaining about being undiagnosed for years and years and being totally decimated by Lyme disease. Also the host of other infections that are carried by the tick. I am totally new to natural cures, but I have found a respect from you from the first post I ever read by you. I think that the insight you have about the human body is far more superior to what most physicians posess. And it is out of that respect and with great hope that I turn to you and ask that first and foremost can you recommend anything that would be safe for 2.5 year old that we can do to strengthen her immune system. We are still waiting for the test results and as such don't know what other co-infections the tick had, but I am thinking that strengthening her immune system would be a good place to start. Also I don't know to the accuracy of this info, but have recently read that Bartonella, another infection carried by ticks, actually turns of the antibodies to diseases such as lyme and othr co-infections suchs as Babesia and as such detection by tests are not always accurate and difficult, meanwhile the infections attack the host and their organs in numerous ways. Please any advice that you could offer would be great, I understand how valuable your time is, but am greaty hoping that you can come up with some advice on strengthening a two year olds immune system as well combating Lyme disease as well as the many other co-infections that could be carried by the ticks. Thank you for your time, I eagerly await your response.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Alex: I don't know how the lyme effected her, but if you want to strengthen the immune system for a child, look for lysine and n acetyl cysteine for the basic immune system. These are taken 1/8 teaspoon of lysine every hour for four hours twice a day, one in morning say 7, 8, 9, and 10 am for lysine and the second time, 5, 6, 7, and 8 pm in the evening. The n acetyl cysteine can be given at 1/8 teaspoon at same time as lysine. N acetyl cysteine will help her detox by being a precursor to glutathione which helps the liver detox. Lysine helps the immune system by increasing the white blood cells. If she needs more strengthening, for the body to synthesize glutathione a selenium yeast is needed. Since the child is 2.5 years old you have to calculate the dose based on a small adult, an average 100 pound adult requires 600 mcg selenium as maximum dose, so if the child is half the size, the dose is halved. Most humans have low coenzymes, such as B3, B5, PABA, B2, as well as glutathione which was already mentioned, and these are needed to get the energy cells working and is taken for a child once a day, maybe half of a B50 tablet taken before sleep to help provide the energy needed to help the immune system.

But the most direct effect on the immune system will be the zinc, particularly zinc gluconate and zinc acetate, for a child's dose it is at least half the dose if they are half the weight for a small size adult, so a full adult dose would be 20 mg, the child's dose is 10 mg. This also helps the white blood cells. The one indicator for a child's health will be their bowel movements. They should have a least 2 to 3 bowel movements a day. This is usually helped with B50, but if not, the child basically needed a boost, such as betaine HCl, to allow the stomach to convert pepsinogen to pepsin. Once activated their digestion will return to normal, as evidenced by more bowel movements. It actually activates the entire gastrointestinal system by doing that, the one that seems to do the job is B12, again for a small 100 pound adult he needs at least 1000 mcg of B12, so if half the weight for a child, it will be 5000 mcg of B12. I found that oral doses or injection still yields the same results, without the extra cost of injection, it is given at night to help a sound sleep and more energy when waking up.

The child will need an immune system boost in form of either magnesium citrate, or magnesium gluconate, but not magnesium chloride. I estimate the dose is around 50 mg for a child in general of magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate. Mind you the immune system is also helped by threonine at same dose as lysine, but the main elements are the things that is basic. The child should get somewhat better after the dose is given on the third day, but faster for some people. Of course, we still haven't yet resolved the cause, but this is a good remedy for the immune system, as usual, you stay away from sugar, maltose, ribose, and anything sweet and use of supermarket vegetable oils, they are trans fat. Baking soda may help but only after her immune system is up first, most people will feel better after the third dose. Colloidal silver and psyllium husk mixed together at 20/80 to help her digestion and her immune system has helped some people, or just colloidal silver taken internally maybe 1 tablespoon three times a day. Hydrogen peroxide food grade 3% in one capful per 1 drinking water taken a small sips every 15 minutes to 30 minutes for at least 4 to 8 times may allow her recovery from lyme somewhat. It must be remembered that too much colloidal silver can cause constipation in some people and betaine HCl, and psyllium husk solution will prevent that. Borax seems to do the job also, but at a conservative dose of just a pinch of borax once a day.


Replied by Wayseeker
Modesto, Ca/ Usa

If concerned about Lyme disease, and not sure if child has it, but just to be on the safe side and be proactive, something to consider: Lyme disease is on that list of viruses/ bacterium quite treatable, especially early on, with a lypospheric Vit. C. Not to bang a drum or anything, but the list was very extensive as to what issues could genuinely and easily be helped, in the research that I read. Seems smart to 'go to' such a 'go to' item first. Then try more complicated, or less certain, possibilities, as need be.

Just putting the idea out there, because in the 1960's (when I was young!), Vit C was a very big deal, then got the deep-6 treatment, if ya' know what I mean.... Effective, inexpensive, and readily available things always seem to get the most burying. So there's a clue where to go. The big responses were with injected or drip Vit C, not regular oral, which has a low absorbtion rate. Try getting someone to do that for 'ya today. I'm sure someone, somewhere, might.

Now, I am going to stop posting about it... having said it more than enough times to get the idea across, loud and clear. --T.

Replied by Victoria
Spring Hill, Florida

I have a 4yrold w/ classic Autism diagnosis. How Autism has anything to do w/ me replying to a tic bite question... well, the world may truly never know.

However, for the first time I will submit something on EC that is dear to my heart. Ted on EC is truly an inspiration and not exaggerating one bit.. I speak of him daily. With out his humble work.. I would have fallen trap to the western pot of medical mayhem.

Dr. Klinghardt has beautiful information on Lyme, Bartonella, & Babesia etc... Autism or not. Tic bite or not. Its everywhere. I can maybe assume you have read some of his research already due to your education on co-infections. Nonetheless, I just wanted to extend a hand on something that means the world to me, my son. I know may people praise Ted daily on EC. Words can't even describe my greatfulness.


Replied by Cassandra
New York

Hi, thank you for such a thoughtful question. My question goes out to Ted. My cat contracted Bartonella approx. 18 months ago. My first symptoms were red streaks across different parts of my body. During this period, I felt ill w/deep fatigue and muscle aches. My cat, showed slight symptoms of mites. Meaning, itchy and uncomfortable. I treated her with bath and flea control. This would work for a week.

As of today, a year and half later, my cat and I continue to struggle with our health. My kidneys have taken a huge hit; along with chronic fatigue, decrease in cognitive skills and general malaise.

My cat has become somewhat aggressive. Her fur looks and feels unhealthy. Her back, mostly, by her tail, looks/feels like straw.

Note, I am at the breaking point. I 've never felt such despair. I am treating us both with doxcy. seems to work, for awhile, then back to being sick, again, for us both. Please, please, please help. I can't continue to live in this manner. No quality of life here. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Cat
Austin, Tx

While taking the antibiotics my doctor recommends, I would also try these three earthclinic remedies:

1) Virgin Coconut oil - 1 to 3 tablespoons daily mixed in food such as hot meals and drinks.

2) Diatomaceous Earth (DE)- 1heaping tsp daily with a large glass of water every morning; also drinking several plain glasses of water throughout the day. (Some people mix DE with plain, non-sugar yogurt filled with good acidophilus.

3) 1-2 TABSP Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with mother - in large glass of water before bed. (adding a pinch of baking soda if I have tummy issues).

And, I would especially give my cat 1/4-1/2 tsp of DE mixed with 1/3 can of wet cat food every morning for at least 30 days. I would also put a tsp of VCO on his paw every day until his condition cleared. I would avoid feeding him wheat/corn grain cat food (good-life dry food and fancy feast can salmon are examples of good sources with little to no wheat/corn grains) Also, I'd keep lots of fresh water available for him.

But, before I did all this, I would research for myself the benefits of each of these remedies and if I try them, go slowly as detox symptoms can result when taking too much too soon. Whatever you do, don't loose heart. Cassandra of New York, I am sending lots of positive energy your way to aid you in healing yourself of this awful condition. CAT

Replied by Ben

Have you been checked for lyme? From what you have described it seems likely you have a lyme infection. This disease is very common in your area. The first contact of anyone having this disease was in the old town of Lyme, right across from Plum Island animal research center.

Plum Island Disease, oh I mean lyme disease is a multi-bug stew of some of the finest nasty organisms money can buy. Ones that take great pride in waging war on mankind. If you got a powerful microscope you might be able to see them waving american flags and hear them singing that bruce springsteen song "i was born in the usa".

You gotta love em ' because they are sooo good at what they do, they are a billionth of our size and they are beating us!.

Hhhhmmm, not for long! if you do find you got a lyme infection you will quickly learn what a battle is all about! So let's start kicking their little behinds!.

First off, you need good information. A hallmark signature is denial. We know nothing. Your disease does not exist. Go home and take your psyche meds. Just a few short years ago doctors were telling us there is no such disease as lyme disease. Hmmm, they said that with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome too. Seems they are saying it right now with morgellons.

Anybody smell cows? Smells like a barnyard in here.

Well, regardless of all else now the task comes of stopping the bugs in this bug stew. Each one of the various organisms must be addressed. Leave one out, forget to treat it and you wont be cured.

The best total treatment programs are all off shore. Therefore pack your toothbrush in a bsl-4 toothbrush holder since its hazardous and go to Mexico for a health treatment vacation. The treatment of choice is called extra corporal blood oxgenation and ozonation eboo for short. This highly advanced state of the art medical technique does not exist for americans since our medical freedom is rapidly dwindling away. Other forms of ozone therapy that are less powerful and effective can be commonly found but not eboo.

What eboo is like this, think of a kidney dialysis machine with a twist, one that draws bloood out of the body, runs it through filters then sterilizes the blood by filling it with oxygen in a highly germ killing form called ozone. No virus ever found can withstand blood ozonation. It fries even the most agressive of virus or cancer cells in seconds. Many who have a serious disease like hiv, ebola, cancer, lyme have recovered in less than 2 months.

As for lyme treatment, regular physicans are less than useless. Chronic lyme? we never heard of it. It says here lyme only takes two weeks of antibiotic then if you think yourself not cured it must be your imagination.

Yeah right, Lyme is a lifelong disease unless you learn how to defeat it.

To attack a Lyme infection, you gotta do everything right or the bug is gonna win. You got to follow an anticancer / antiviral diet. You got to use blood sterilization techniques such as eboo or if it is not available other blood ozonation techniques or uvbi. Ultraviolet blood irradiation works quickly to destroy harmful microorganisms in the blood that your immune system cant get rid of.

You got to eat tons of coconut oil as it is antifungal and antiviral and spread it on your skin as it absorbs through the skin. Certain types of virus like hep-c and hiv are lipid envelope virus. Medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil act like detergent on them weakening their cell wall.

Now, the same bug that causes innumerable problems mycoplasma fermentans is found front and center along with his little buddies in Lyme. I post frequently about mr "mike o plasma" as he is a very accomplished microorganism. He should be in the germ hall of fame for having created the most weird symptoms from the same organism. You can go to a doctor and he says you have ten different diseases when really you have one bug with many symptoms.

The way to give mr mike o plasma an eviction notice is with doxycycline like you mentioned taking, plus serrapeptase a systemic enzyme that attacks a wide range of pathogenic organisms found in the blood. Serrapeptase eats biofilm. Lyme disease hides in biofilm. Without serrapeptase you will never be free from lyme or anything else as biofilm will act as a reservoir for the germs to hide from the immune system. When germs are attacked they run and hide in their little biofilm fortress. There they are 1000 fold more antibiotic resistant. Doctors who foolishly throw antibiotics at a biofilm ridden patient waste their time. The biofilm dwelling germs just wait for their opportunity to attack another day.

Another thing so new you wont find much info on it is gallium nitrate. This stuff will soon be your best friend since it is able to stop mycoplasma and a huge number of pathogenic nasty beasties associated with lyme.lEarn more at george eby research.

The mycoplasma element in lyme can also be attacked by blood electrification one of the cheapest yet very strong methods for lyme treatment. The vast majority of lyme sufferers discover blood electrification only after long years of misery from other lymies.tHis treatment is hot! it works. Doctors will never tell you about it.

The spirochetes in Lyme don't like enzymes chewing away at them and they dont like a too salty environment. Some people have killed off the parasites with almost dangerously high amounts of salt plus vitamin c but its not without risk.sAlt is hard on your kidneys.

Education will set you free, study and regain your health.

Thank god for earth clinic. We love ya ted, hope to see ya soon

Replied by Frances
Cabarlah, Qld.

Ben, so much info you've provided. Thanks. Do you have an opinion using MMS as recommended by a guy who claims he cured Morgellons with this, along with other supplements and diet. I believe I had/have Lyme which has morphed into Morgellons/Nano disease.

Replied by Ben
Bremerton, Washington

About mms for lyme disease, since lyme is a complex composed of several different organisms mms can help stop some microorganisms but not all of them. I am a big advocate of using mms, at this is a very powerful medicine for a wide range of germs. Now having said that, pleomorphic organisms go through several growth stages and have different types of weakness at different stages. Let's look at doxycycline for example. dr garth nicholson swears by doxycycline as a remedy for lyme, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and a host of autoimmune diseases caused by mycoplasma. The antibiotic does not kill and eradicate the organism, nor does it attack biofilm. Doxycycline only sends it into a growth stage where it encapsulates its self into a cyst form. It can remain in a hard shell form for many years until growth conditions are favorable for it to return again. While under attack the bug leaves you alone. And you show few symptoms.

Mms is a very good start at regaining your health and I would definitely use it frequently but there are faster more efficent ways to get the lyme under control. sad but true sometimes it all boils down to what you can afford. The very best treatments are not cheap or easily available. Given a choice eboo extra corporeal blood ozonation and oxygenation is super quick in its actions. People report feeling immensely better in hours not weeks or months like some treatments.

One of the cheapest treatments and a very powerful one is blood electrification. Almost no one but experienced lymies use this valuable technique. This technology is not taught in medical schools. Dr kaali and dr lyman were experimenting with it in the early 90's and the big pharma boys did not appreciate their work. They were threatened and one of them was murdered as their reward for discovering a cure for aids.

Virus depend on surface binding proteins to help them bond to your cells in order to infect them. If you damage those surface bonding proteins like with serrapeptase a systemic enzyme or with electromedicine then you inhibit their ability to infect cells. Do that long enough and you win the battle.

Same rule applies to using mms, small frequent doses over several months is what does the trick not mega doses once in a while. The bugs need to be under constant attack for them to encyst themselves or to be killed outright.

Horse doctors have an answer that the rest of the world needs to hear about. If mr ed that horse that was on tv years ago was here he would reccomend you try his arthritis medication gallium nitrate. The thing about gallium is that it has very unusual antimicrobial properties to it. Unlike colloidal silver it is not harmful to friendly bacteria. But it savagely attacks harmful iron loving bacteria, mycoplasma and cancer cells. It is so incredibly powerful it has stopped rheumatoid arthritis, ( a mycoplasma infection) for up to two years after a single 90 minute dose. No other substance on the planet can do that. Gallium is just now being used by a very few doctors. 99.9% of doctors have never heard of it or ever will since it is a mineral solution not a drug therefore not patentable. Even if it was patentable it would quickly bring the medical management system to ruin by actually getting to the root cause of disease.

Now for those with chronic long term disease such as lyme etc you cant make much progress toward healing until you get the biofilm under control throughout your body. this sticky mucus gives germs a hiding place where the immune system can not go and where drugs can not penetrate.

Germs laugh at doctors attacking them with simple antibiotics. Serrapeptase destroys biofilm giving them nowhere to hide, party is over germs serrapeptase is here!

Hope this helps. See ya!

Replied by Frances
Cabarlah, Qld.

Yes, Ben, this definitely helps, especially with hope of an end to this dreadful condition.

Replied by Ashley

Hi, Cassandra, I literally could have written your exact post. Everything, you mention mimics my situation. Currently, I am struggling with the issue of my cat. She has become somewhat aggressive. The other day she scratched me and I became incredibly ill. I feel a debt to her for sticking around while I go through this issue; however, wonder if I should put her down. The tricky part is she has a lot of energy. Please note, I have bottle fed and rescued many animals, so ending an animal's life goes against my nature. However after a couple of years of with this malady and no real medical support, I am close to giving up. I can honestly say, I don't think I 've ever experienced such despair.

I am currently having kidney issues. Lastly, my cat and I were both on doxy, worked at first and now seems somewhat ineffective. I am currently using Brewer's Yeast in her food. Seems better, than doxy. Also, giving a bath in borax and peroxide. Better than Advantage and Revolution. Look up Mary Ellen's Cat's Easter Miracle, on the internet, for measurements.

I would love to hear what work for you. I am constantly in prayer, regarding this issue. I refuse to believe that this is how the story ends for me. I need some kind of valid treatment. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have promised God that if I get well, I will bring this issue to the public forefront.

Replied by Cassandra
New York

Hi, Ben,

I am very interested in the Gallium Nitrate. My cat and I, contracted Bart approx. two years ago. I am treating self with baking soda/water liquid, borax as liquid drinks and baths, Olive Leaf Extract, etc. The list goes on....

Please, where can I order Gallium Nitrate for self and cat. Plus, how to administer?

Note, I called George Eby and no answer so not sure if he is selling.

Thanks in advance.

Replied by Ben
Bremerton Wa

Hello Cassandra, here is a page where you can order gallium nitrate http://galliumnitrate.com/.

Here are two phone numbers for george 1-512-263-0805 and 1 512-815-6855.

Gallium nitrate can be drank after diluting it down to 1% or less and can also be applied topically to the skin. As for your cat, I got no idea about dosage for cats.

You are taking a bunch of stuff, are you including liposomal vitamin c? Youtube has some great videos on how to make it.

A very cheap thing that works great on lyme is blood electrification. A Bob Beck blood electrifier costs about 120 bucks but it lasts forever. You probably spend many times more than that on vitamins each month.

One of the organisms that come in the mixture called lyme is mycoplasma fermentans. This very clever beasty lives inside the cells. This means that the immune system can not enter into cells therefore the immune system can not successfully attack and get rid of mycoplasma.

This bug was custom designed to evade the immune system. With that in mind can you see why spending thousands of dollars on vitamins still wont get the job done?

Once mycoplasma is happily living inside your cells safe from the immune system the only option the immune system has is to kill an entire cell once infected. Can you think autoimmune disease? this is the way it works with autoimmune disease. First comes the mycoplasma, the cell gets infected, the immune system gets frustrated and has to kill the entire cell to get at the mycoplasma hiding inside. Then your doctor comes along and says bad immune system, we must suppress your actions and give mycoplasma a boost.

Gallium nitrate attacks the mycoplasma regardless of immune system activity. This is a spectacular trick very few things are capable of doing

If I were you I would use blood electrification, gallium nitrate or gallium maltoleate, I would look diligently for whole body blood ozonation also called ozone dialysis and maybe uvbi...

Eboo also called ozone dialysis has taken sick as a dog lymies too weak to hardly walk and restored them to near perfect health in about 2 months time. Ozone fries any germ that gets near it. Hiv, lyme, lupus, cancer, hep-c they all get nuked by ozone

If you can find a doctor brave enough to give you gcmaf shots then you are in luck! gcmaf is an immune system activator. The bugs you got inside you produce nagalase an immune system deactivator.

Spend time looking at "the gcmaf book"available for free online. Read about gcmaf and nagalase. This is an important part of getting well

If you still need more firepower to kill these beasties off then research hypochlorus acid. This chemical is actually created by the immune system in very tiny amounts. It is thousands of times more powerful than even colloidal silver. The immune system creates this chemical as a last ditch effort to stop the most deadly pathogens

Jim humble has information on it, he calls it mms-2. See ya

Replied by Cassandra
New York

Got it. Thank you, Ben. I will let you and others know how it goes.

Replied by Cassandra
New York

Thank you for your support. I will let you know.