Ted's Remedies

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 384 posts

If you are good in adjusting these basic dosages I have given you, thrush should actually be completely eliminated. If not good on dosages/frequencies, then the thrush will be reduced but not completely eliminated.

1. Take vinegar and mix 3% H2O2 (food grade hydrogen peroxide) in equal portions. Dilute it by tripling the amount of water. This is a weak solution, you can make it stronger/weaker later, depending on how well it works.

You can make any amount of starting base, but you won't take all of it anyway. So assuming a starting base 50 cc of ACV, 50 cc of 3% H2O2, and then add 300 cc of water. Your total mix should be about 400 cc.

The solution is fairly diluted to be taken on 1/4 teaspoon. If the solution is too strong, you can dilute it further the original solution as you think it is proper. If you want a more exacting, then add 100 cc of more water if it is too strong. If the solution is too weak, which means the throat conditions were not relieved at all then add an additional 25 cc of ACV and 25 cc of 3% H2O2.

Mouth gargle this solution. Sip slowly down the mouth three times spaced at 15 minutes apart only 1/4 teaspoon. Drink some water after the sip in 3-4 minutes to reduce odor of H2O2. Vary the strength depending on how you respond. This will reduce the Thrush pain. H2O2 will circulate in the blood for 1.5 hour and this will be greatly help. Throat pain of application should greatly reduced within 5 minutes of taking it.

About the H2O2 ACV, remember to drink plenty of water after taking them within minutes. H2O2 smells bad. Or you can try to get use to it FIRST by taking only one sip and take water, before fully jumping into the treatment. It takes some getting used to.

2. You probably know about diets. No milk, no calcium, no white bread, no wheat, no sugar.

3. Take some cilantro or EDTA to remove heavy metals. This will remove the food source of the yeast also. If you have a Herx, then it is confirmed that your body have high toxic metal. The usual dose is to start on a the low side and work yourself up. Start at with small branch of cilantrol (also called chinese parsley) and slowly increase over the course of the month to 1/3 cup.

4. Restore the immune system. Paint iodine on foot -- small 3 inches, but not exceeding one applications for 3 days -MAX! (No limit for how much you take if you are on Kelp! Natural sources are always the best - you don't even have to worry about the overdose!) Also take 20,000 I.U. of vitamin D2 or D3 for about 30 days.

5. Restoring the intestinal gut. Take probiotics to restore the intestinal flora and take some fulvic acid along the way.

6. Restoring you natural pH. Take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid. This formula will remove one food source of yeast, namely blood calcium to normal while maintaining stable pH and buffer with the citrates. Restore blood redox to normal by taking 250 mg. of sodium ascorbate every day. Take some boron supplements, about 25-50 mg. every day, if you can find one or make your own by buying some borax powder and only a tiny pinch. This will normalize the hormones and the critical magnesium/calcium balance inhibiting the yeast's food source also.

7. Eat a couple apples every day and chew the seeds. Eat 2-3 apricot seeds everyday. These will restore the nitrilosides necessary to kill the fungus. This is one reason why cows don't get fungus or candida, their nitriloside diets are quite adequate.

You can also reduce the fungus throat formation somewhat by taking a strong green tea several times. It contains tannins and they will inhibit the fungus growth somewhat.