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Posted by Kathy on 05/25/2014

Ted, I have read some of your comments on Earthclinic. I have been told that I have tendonitis. Would you please send me a reply as to what I might take to help this heal fast and for good. Thank you, Kathy

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Tendonitis is accumulation of uric acid crystal in kidneys from either high fructose diet found in fruits, or an iv edta which shuts down kidneys, or alcohol consumption. Lack of blood flow from circulation occurs with high intake of foods like cheese, chocolate and fried foods. Drink more water especially during meals, lots of cucumber to dissolve uric acid and alkalization by baking soda and lime juice to decalcify circulation that caused the problem also. Try to remove constipation by taking baking soda will also help. Ted

Replied by Paula

Ted, I have been reading through this forum and finding all kinds of good info. I have also been dx with tendonitis/tennis elbow and was reading your response to Kathy about the "uric acid crystals in kidneys" buildup. I eat a strict vegan diet, but I also juice a combo of kale, celery, cucumbers, beets, lemon, ginger and green apples every day (for the past 2.5 years)...I looked up your "uric acid causes" and find that kale and beets can cause this. And here I thought I was eating healthy. Do you think this is what is causing the horrible pain in my elbows? (I had cortisone injections 4 months ago into both elbows and it took the pain away, but now it's back. I will not do another injection in that area...WAY too painful). I don't eat chocolate, cheese or fried foods and very little processed foods. I am an avid ingredient reader. I stay far away from high fructose corn syrup and aside from my daily juices, I only drink artesian water from a well. Am curious to hear your thoughts on this or if you have a remedy that might help. I saw your response to Kathy, but am unsure about the amounts of what to take to help the pain go away. Much appreciation!

Replied by Carla


Just an FYI, many years ago I had tendonitis in my right arm, a sports Dr told me to use minerals...so I researched minerals and found that alfalfa has a high concentration of minerals. So what I did was I took 25 tablets a day for a saturation dose and after 2 weeks I lowered it to 6 a day. It fixed me right up! I suggested a friend do the same, she was uncomfortable taking so many a day so she took 6 a day. It helped her too.