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Posted by Laura (Idaho) on 09/18/2007

My husband seemed to have lost his appetite a few months ago. Finally last week he confided in me that he can't taste sweetness anymore, which makes a lot of foods taste bad. I started him on zinc right away, but wonder if anyone on your helpful website knows of a remedy or cure. Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Laura: My own understanding with taste disorders were sometimes related to smelling disorders, such as anosmia, whenever a zinc deficiency is indicated. However the remedy of using zinc is quite well known, most of the problems concerns its use where the zinc does not get into the system, and the zinc tablets had to be chewed. In another instances too much zinc was indicated, and that lead to some loss of taste too. Other supplements that are synergistic to zinc were magnesium, and vitamin B complex, especially the B12, which have something to do with olfactory nerves also. L-Carnosine amino acid supplements 250 mg a day for example might also help indirectly the taste buds indirectly as somehow found this to help in someways in detecting smells and certain tastes of food too. The best ways I think to find out what is causing the problem might be hair mineral analysis in determining specific excess heavy metals leading to loss of taste or deficiency, it won't find detect causes relating to amino acid imbalance, or vitamin deficiency, as other possibilities.

Replied by Monica
San Mateo, Ca

thanks for your info i am trying some of the remedies already, and i am hoping to get better soon, i have a question; about zinc, in one hand i thought i need to clean my system from heavy metals and zinc is mentioned, and in the other hand some people take zinc as tablets so i don't know if i should take mine or not i am experiencing loss of taste, especially sweets turn into sour.