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Damage From Excessive Use of Laxatives?

Posted by Y (Anonymous) on 11/21/2012

Hi Ted, I have been using natural remedies for sore throats and sinus infections that I got from earth clinic and they miraculously worked. I have been having bloating, cramping and lower abdominal pains since August. I had a cat scan and nothing showed up. I am not in pain any longer but have bloating and constipation. I was always constipated and have been using laxatives all my life. The doctors want me to have a colonoscopy but I am reluctant because of complications that may arise. I know that you are not a doctor but I value your opinion. I am now in my late fifties and have no other medical problems. Do you think excessive use of laxatives caused my suffering?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You are not addressing the cause of constipation. It seems like this is due to lack of stomach acid, and betaine Hydrochloride (in pill form) or concentrated hydrochloric acid -- 4 drops to 5 drops per 1 glass of water (250 cc) before or during every meal, or take small sips of it -- or a couple of tabletS of betaine HCl will help. The lack of stomach acid stems from too much fat in the liver or depletion of vitamin B and vitamin C, and you end up with constipation, added to the fact that the body is too acidic will be helped with sodium bicarbonate, and lack of B3 niacinamide 500 mg before sleep. I had one client who was constipated for 3 weeks from viral hepatitis C, and he has been to all the hospitals and couldn't be helped because they all used laxatives! So I decided to use hydrochloric acid, one sip every 15 minutes of 15 cc, and keep continuing for as long as possible, which was 2 hours, and he went to the toilet that day about 5 times. It worked!


Replied by Y

Hi Ted, Is there a simple test for me to find out if I lack stomach acid? I was drinking a high amount of lemonade and began to feel sick. I am afraid that the acid in the lemons caused this. Does betaine hydrochloride contain citric acid? I have been using magnesium oxide for the constipation and this helps me tremendously."

12/21/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Nearly everyone has a stomach acid deficiency without having to measure it. The problems appear to be stomach tissue damage that people don't consider, as a result of eating fish bones and other things that damage stomach linings. The other cause is bacteria such as h. pylori as a result of low stomach acid. I have seen quite a few operations on stomachs that are almost like a gel from extreme lysine deficiencies. Those surgeries could have been prevented by taking lysine, proline, vitamin C and glycine. the major components of collagen. Taking collagen supplements in itself appears to cause problems such as tightening of the stomach, so is best taken as components of collagen. So collagen does cause side effects.

Constipation is a result of stomach acid deficiency where there is insufficient stomach acid, the food remained undigested and it cannot get through the stomach! This simple lack of understanding in hospitals, at least in Thailand, is why hospitals have trouble dealing with constipation that is caused by lack of stomach acid. But those with somewhat low stomach acid will respond well to most laxatives that are geared to getting more liquids in the intestines, such as sorbitol, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, or a lubricant such as coconut oil, but they are generally missing the step of increasing the stomach acid. So the fact that some people are skinny does not exactly mean they are healthy, because they may lack stomach acid to get their food through. The stomach acid are produced when the body is in somewhat more alkaline state in the body having sufficient nutrients in the liver to supply the nutrients delivered to the stomach so they can produced the stomach acid in the first place.

I have one client that went to all the hospitals in North and Northeast of Thailand because he has hepatitis C, and he was sure to die as a result of being constipated. He can't go to the bathroom for about an entire month! He used laxatives of all kinds and were no longer effective. He was sent home to die. No hospitals would admit him, so he came to see me to help his hepatitis C. So the first order of the day was Hydrochloric acid, he went to the bathroom five times in about 3 or 4 hours he was with me. The hospitals here missed entirely the use of hydrochloric acid to deal with constipation. As far as his hepatitis C and cancer from hepatitis C, that's no problem because dietary restrictions of sugar, honey and carbs but also nutrients that help his deficiencies. So it was not a major concern and he is currently doing fine.

Magnesium oxide when mixed with water, you get magnesium hydroxide, a common laxative called Milk of Magnesia. The problems with the stomach negatively responding to lemon juice may be caused by a physical stomach injury such as eating fish bones, bacteria infections, or a severe deficiency. Usually lysine and vitamin C are needed for stomach repairs. I think betaine Hydrochloride can normalized stomach acid, but dealing with injury from infection and deficiency appears to be the cause.


Replied by Felicia

I would like to take the lysine and vitamin C but I have a sensitive stomach and I want to know how this will affect me. Also do you have any tips on how to take these two supplements without it aggravating my stomach any further. Thanks, Felicia