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Posted by Boris on 11/15/2006

My staph problem is clearing up with a topical application of clindoxyl, however I did want to comment on Ted's suggestion of zinc and manganese supplements for oily skin. Oily skin can help create conditions for stubborn bacterial infections for the bacteria feeds off all that excess sebum. Prior to Ted's suggestion I had been supplementing with 75mg of zinc gluconate with 10mg of tin oxide for about a month with perhaps the result of clearing up seborrheic dermatitis around my nose, eyebrows and ear folds. I still had very oily skin on my face and scalp though. As was recommended, I've been supplementing with a cup of soy milk along with 50mg of chelated manganese for six days now and my face is noticeably less oily. I've also been taking in 150mg of flax lignan, which I've read also helps. At any rate, something here is working. I'll continue to supplement with the manganese for another week, as per Ted's suggestion. Perhaps this info could be cross-posted to the acne page as well. Thank you!

EC: Thanks for the feedback, Boris. We will put it on the acne page, as you suggested.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Yes, my common treatment for oily skin - zinc and manganese. Too much of it will cause dry skin, which means it is time to discontinue. For acne, some chromium supplements will complement the treatment as well as zinc. People who take too much sugar do have acne, which is why sometimes chromium is helpful.

Replied by Gina
Sierra Vista, Az

Back in 2007 I was working in a day care, pregnant at the time & contracted mrsa, It devastated my marriage and has left me with embarrasing scars on my buttocks and thighs. I am so glad I came across your website. I start a new diet today! I wish my Dr. had told me to look on the web for a cure instead of experimental antibiotics. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowlage for free.