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Spider Bite, Herpes or Mites?

Posted by J (J) on 10/13/2007

For the past three months I have had recurrent bites on my buttocks, mainly right buttock, and a few times arm or inner thigh. There are two welts close together like spider bites but it seems odd they would continue to bite in the very same area. They itch terribly and get very red, about the size of nickle or quarter. Itching lasts for about 3-4 days then scabs slightly and goes away without scar.Yesterday I had a stinging sensation on my left inner thigh that lasted for hours. I kept checking for a bug or spider but didn't see any. I awoke this morning to find two welts side by side on my inner thigh and itchy. My husband has no bites.I've taken apart my bed and sprayed everything. No sign of bedbugs or larvae. I vacuum regularly and the house is very clean. We live in a remote area and do have abundance of spiders. I also considered herpes but have had no contact with anyone other than my husband who has no contact with anyone either. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Try applying lavender frequently in the area that has a recurring bites. Spiders are known to be carriers of a yet to be identifed microscopic insect that exists under the skin, and hence the recurring bites in the same area. A lavender oil, if it is applied, chances are the microscopic but, which I sometimes call them nanoinsect do move away from their usual area to another new area within minutes. If that is so, it appears to be a similar form of morgellon's.While the lavender oil is a weak insecticide, and if application to the area is large enough, they won't move and die on that spot. Besides, lavender oil is anti-inflammatory anyway and are good against insect bites and itchiness.

If the application of pure lavender oil is applied to a small area, and the red spots move, than a nanoninsect is residing under the skin. A larger area application with sufficient frequency using lavender oil for most simple cases would kill it.

If not another remedy is supersaturated or saturated borax solution in 1% hydrogen peroxide is applied later in case the red spots should still be recurring, although the previous application of lavender may have just moved their bites to other areas.

One remote possibility is possibility is microscopic mites exists on the bed or pajamas. A simple home remedy one that has worked with me quite well is 90% alcohol plus 10% orange oil, sometimes citrus oil insecticide. Lemon oil will invariably work the same.

I would spray this on the bed of orange oil with an aerosol mixed with the alcohol, either ethyl alcohol (the alcohol found in vodka) or isopropyl alcohol (the alcohol found in drug stores) can also be used too. In case you are wondering what is killing the insect, it is the d-limonene which is more than 90% are found in both orange oil and lemon oil. You can get them from your favorite stores that sell essential oil. It works just the same whether the orange oil or lemon oil is obtained from synthethic or natural sources.