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Posted by S (Anonyland) on 02/16/2013

My dr thinks I have Sjogren's Disease and I am currently waiting on test results!

I believe that my body is very acidic and have been taking the borax remedy as instructed, on the days I take it my urine ph is 7-8, but on the two days off the remedy it reduces to 5-6.

I have also taken on board what you previously advised regarding honey and have recently read, "Breaking through the untouchable diseases" which seems to be on par with your thoughts, I do believe I have possibly had candidiasis for years and now I am paying the price!

  • I have eliminated all sugars from my diet and wheat and cows milk
  • I take borax for 5 of 7 days a week.
  • Take apple cider vinegar once a day
  • Using DMSO as instructed

The author of the above book advises a herb wormwood but I see nothing much on earth clinic about it?

I am feeling better but working hopefully towards remission and desperate for any advice? Would appreciate your comments as value them very much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You may need to take borax 7 days a week, and further begin taking baking soda after lunch and after meals. Sjogren's is a curable condition but once cured blood sugar problems take longer. The best natural remedies with no side effects and good consistency are chromium and gymnema slyvestre 500 to 1000 mg three times a day. The cause of Sjogren's is a fungus-like organism that grows inside the cells.


Replied by Rizary

Hi Ted,

My wife is suffer from sjogren's syndrome. I have read your remedies and found some of the article regarding that... here is:

"Doctors trained in the methods developed last century, know they cannot cure auto-immune conditions (although some are not honest enough to say so). What they can do for patients is handle the symptoms. Vitamin D will for a short time reduce symptoms by suppressing the immune system. It is technically not a vitamin, it is a seco-steroid. It is not as dangerous as full steroids, but it is still dangerous to health because it suppresses the immune system.

Ted's idea also, is to suppress symptoms to make the patient feel better, this can allow the patient to feel better in the short term, 4 or 5 years perhaps, while the illness is developing inside the cells of the human immune system and elsewhere. It is easy for both patient and doctor to feel good by symptom relief from Omega oil, like taking aspirin for a headache. If the patient is developing a brain tumor, aspirin is not so good.

Ted's method, unfortunately, allows the patient to get worse while feeling better.

Restoring the immune system is the opposite.

MP offers an alternative:- to rehabilitate the VDR by eliminating vitamin D, which is blocking the VDR in auto-immune conditions

Olmesartan is a 'vitamin' D substitute, a Vitamin D Receptor cleaning tool.
When taken every 4 to 6 hours for several years, it will clean out and restore the VDR to healthy function and allow the immune system to do it's work effectively.
The writer Ted does not know this and does not allow for microbes actually getting inside the cell walls and taking control there.

If you choose the path of getting well, you can still use the baking soda and the magnesium chloride. These allowable substances are discussed in the members' only forums on the study site (MPSS)

My Sjogren's symptoms did go away after 2 years of Olmesartan, and have not bothered me since. I still take Olmesartan since I have co-morbidity and know my immune system had become deeply affected over the years before this treatment was discovered"

What I am about to ask is that what is your comment to that post??

and My wife is currently consumed LUPRED (some drugs from docter, PREDNISOLONE or methyl PREDNISOLONE I guess). Can I include the meds when my wife use your remedies??

Replied by Diane

Ted, can I ask a question about the baking soda. May I take it, instead, between meals? The Sjogrens has severely decreased by digestive enzymes in stomach, pancreas, and intestines so I'm concerned that if I drink the baking soda after a meal, it will shut down the acid in my stomach (what little there is) - or water down the digestion. Thank you.

Replied by Rebel
Somewhere Usa

Am I the only one confused by Rizary's post? I thought vitamin D helped the immune system and what is MP? VDR? Feeling very confused, right now. I know Ted is busy, but I do not see any where he responds to this. So if Bill, Tim, or Dave will address this about the Vitamin D suppressing the immune system.

The reason I ask is, I have been supplementing with D3 10,000 IU now for several weeks along with K and K2 and have started to have some vision issues. Like floaters and glare on white with black writing. I thought about D3 being the only thing different in my diet the other day and now I find this post.

So shoot it to me if you have a response to Rizary's post.

Replied by Cathy

Vitamin D3 does NOT suppress immune system! That information is not correct at all. You are doing all the correct things, please don't discontinue or reduce your D3 or K2.. Vitamin D3 is known to INCREASE the immune system by 3 to 5 times! This person clearly had good intentions..but was incorrect in the info they provided here about Vitamin D.

Here's a link from Mercola's site that will explain how D3 is a powerful hormone that strengthens our immune systems.