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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 391 posts

I read somewhere that sinus polyps can be reduced by taking a small amount of castor oil everyday (a teaspoon). Using a warm wet towel with castor oil and applied on the stomach also helps. Taking 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda twice or three times per day helps control your pH balance necesary to rid the body of the cancer like tissue by increasing your body's oxygen through alkalizing your body. Take some zinc and selenium supplements will also help. As an antidote to excess fluoride in your body, I suggest you add some boron supplements , which is usually borax a small pinch per liter of water to counteract the negative effects of the drug you are currently taking.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
495 posts

Hi Vina, I only know of one kind of castor oil and it comes from castor beans, which come from the castor plant which I think makes a beautiful decorative addition to your flower beds and I have also read that the plants discourage moles from tunneling your lawn up. However, it is also sold in what is supposed to be odorless & tasteless as well as the standard castor oil. Personally I don't think you can cover up its odor or taste thoroughly. When you see l/4th tsp. in one of Ted's remedies, you can usually expect to find it in crystal (or powder form) but I think it also can be found in liquid & tablet form.

For those fibroid tumors, google SSKI or saturated solution potassium iodide and read Dr. Wright's (Tahoma Clinic) recommendation on that. Read his article on SSKI through several times. It would seem to me that anything that could get rid of ovarian cysts could also eliminate nasal polyps and just maybe there may be a lack of potassium &/or iodine involved in all these things that he says SSKI helps or cures.

On those nasal polyps, I have a question. Are you taking aspirins or another NSAID like Motrin, Naproxin, Ibuprofen or ketoprofen. I remember reading somewhere that aspirin can cause nasal polyps, and I suspect if ASA can cause them the other NSAIDS probably can also. I suggest you review all medications you are taking to see if nasal polyps are included in the unwanted side effects of them. You can do this by googling the medication by generic or brand name. We all have to watch out for ourselves because all too often the side effects are worse than the problem you are taking the medicine for.

Replied by Vina
Marietta, GA

I would like to know is there a certain kind of castor oil. I would take it and apply to the stomach. What type of citric acid is this a tablet. I have nasal polyps in both nose and fibroid tumors-could these growth be coming from a lack of something.

Replied by Danielle
Rialto, Ca

I've had polyps for several years. I've had surgery to remove them, only to have them return bigger & stronger. It's embarrassing to constantly blow my nose. I hate being intimate for fear my nose will just start running. I hate this. I will try the selenium & zinc. Hoping it will work. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the suggestion.

Replied by Martina
Sedona, US

DanielleDanielle, did you ever get relief for your nasal polyps from the Selenium and Zinc?